Mobile Phones: Do You Like Flat Models?

Usually are flat cell phones into the so-called briquette construction and come on dream by just one centimeter deep. COMPUTER image has tested ten important mobile flounders and tells you whether the diet has a negative impact on endurance and handling about and whether is worth buying a flat cell phones for you.

Which is the currently the flattest phone?
currently five devices are divided with the title of the thinnest mobile phones ever just one centimeter deep: the W880i Sony Ericsson , Nokia 6500 Classic, the Motofone F3 by Motorola, and the two models of Samsung SGH-C170 and SGH-Z370. The multimedia mobile phone Apple iPhone is slim despite XXL display 1.2 centimeters. Only two millimeters deep is the widely used email and Internet phone E51 by Nokia.

Battery performance is weaker than thicker models?
in terms of battery endurance the devices do not differ from using mobile phones. Whether thick or thin, hinged, sliding or briquette mobile phone: the manufacturers use most comparable power cells. Maturities of up to 319 hours (Nokia 6300) are in it at the flounders in the tip. In the Middle the endurance of the tested models is approximately 250 hours ready for or five hours with continuous Phone Calls.

What advantages and disadvantages have the thin models?

ProGeringes weight (only 68 grams in the Samsung SGH-Z370) little AbmessungenMeist compact and solid housing VerarbeitungMeist full equipment with digital camera, music player, email functionality, and memory card slot

Often comparatively small DisplaysEinige Models are bad in the HandKleine and tight-fitting together Keys (in the case of the Sony Ericsson W880i)

The ten ultra slim test phones

10 images to the image gallery are stable shallow flounders?
In the COMPUTER screen test laboratory the devices showed few weaknesses. Almost all cell phones were well protected from impacts, moisture and heat – and cold variations and therefore received a good mark in this discipline. Only the F3 from Motorola and the Prada phone had to settle here satisfying one. Stable but all the slimming Artists were: even if they put in your pocket, you could trust them. You sat on it accidentally once, she didn’t broke through, also the displays and casings were not susceptible to scratches.

These devices have been tested :
1 Sony Ericsson W880i (1 cm) mark: 2.34
2. Nokia 6500 Classic (1 cm) mark: 2.42
3. Samsung SGH-C170 (1 cm) mark: 3.65
4. Motorola Motofone F3 (1 cm) mark: 4.19
5. Samsung SGH-Z370 (1 cm) mark : 2.67
6 Apple iPhone (1.2 cm) mark: 2.61
7 Motorola Razr2 V8 (1.2 cm) mark: 2.42
8 LG KE850 (Prada phone) (1.2 cm) mark: 2.85
9 Nokia 6300 (1.4 cm) mark: 2.45
10 Nokia E51 (1.4 cm) mark: 2.15

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