Mobile Videos 2007 In Review

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Since 1999, the first mobile phone with integrated digital camera has appeared, a lot has happened. There is no trace today of lousy image quality with VGA resolution. True megapixel Monster into the today’s devices. The Nokia N95 offers whopping 8 gigabytes of storage in addition to 5 mega pixels and built-in flash light in the current version. Thus, the new devices are to more than just snapshots. Even videos can be quite a good quality speach.

Multimedia All-Rounder
Also the entertainment capabilities of mobile phones are more sophisticated. Simple radio receiver is now no longer enough. Almost every device offers an MP3 player. And also videos can play in the MPEG-4 format the most current models. Only the disk space limits the size of the mobile music-, video- and photo collection. The media files can be Exchange or transfer, for example, on the notebook via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

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what was possible only with expensive business smartphone, creates these days almost every current device. In addition to SMS and MMS, can receive and send E-Mails. With the built-in mini browser comfortably surf the Internet. The connection is faster than with GPRS with UMTS, HSDPA and Wi-Fi several-fold.

With the touch screen was 2007 a revolutionary control technique introduced in the telecommunications world. A mobile phone highlight was undoubtedly the iPhone from Apple. It shone with the unique, comfortable multi touch – control.

Know where s to go
GPS navigation feature of some devices you guaranteed no longer lost. The Nokia 6110 Navigator, for example, is equipped with a GPS receiver and a navigation software and thus also acts as a full, mobile navigation device.

What does the future hold?
In addition to an ever-increasing number of megapixels and incremented space, especially the operation touch further dissemination might find. Also fans of mobile Internet can enjoy of technical advances: phones will be able to create faster online connections of up to 7 MBit per second, new mobile browser can represent in the future easier to read Internet pages on the small screen. On the tariff page, there will be due to more and more flat-rate contracts that make the costs for the use of the Internet more manageable and partly also cheaper. (gh)

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