Modern and Cheerful Prints to Compose the Visual of the Youth Room.

A good decoration, associated with the style of young people is essential for making a wonderful combination in the environment and give a special touch.

The bedding set is one of the things that draws attention in a room, being the first decoration to be seen.
Thus, invest in quality clothing and prints that harmonize with the rest of the room is critical to the success of a good decoration.

In the catalog Home Mix you will meet wonderful products to make the decoration so cheerful, relaxed and full of style.

Check out the hope chest Pump!

The hope chest Pump is a great option to leave your full decor and much more beautiful, because the trousseau consists 5 pieces, in addition to the fresh cotton and soft touch.

150 Wire product, more quality and durability for you!

Comprises 5 Parts
Copper 2 Bed 1, 40 m length x 1, 60 m wide.
1 Door Pillow 67 cm x 47 cm
1 top sheet 2, 40 m x 1, 40 m
1 Sheet of Low c/p/Elastic Mattress up to 1, 88 m x 88 cm x 25 cm alt.
1 Pillowcase 67 cm x 47 cm

Composition of copper Bed
Fabric: 100% cotton (150)
Lining: 100% polyester Microfiber
Filling: 100% polyester

Composition of the bedding set
Fabric: 100% cotton (150)

Available in size and in 3 beautiful prints:

We are sure that buying the hope chest Pump you will hit right in the decoration of the young!

They will love it! ♥

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