Montblanc Smart Watches

The device, which costs $300 and currently is sold only in conjunction with Montblanc watches new

The CEO of Montblanc, Jérôme Lambert, said that initial sales of the smart bracelet for watches of the brand are surpassing expectations. The watchmaking company is responding to the arrival of the smart clock from Apple Inc.

The so-called “e-strap” (electronic bracelet) will hit stores in Hong Kong in mid-October and until the end of the month in mainland China, the company’s largest export market, Lambert said in an interview at the watches in Hong Kong.

The device, which costs $300 and currently is sold only in conjunction with Montblanc watches new, will be available as a separate accessory before the end of the year.

Lambert would not disclose the amounts of sales of that product, which reached the European market in August and go on sale in the US on 9 November day.

The Montblanc is one of the first Swiss luxury watch manufacturers to incorporate digital resources in response to the launch of the Apple Watch this year.

The idea is that the bracelet can become obsolete, but the clock is ticking. The device allows users to read emails and monitor physical activities, as well as help you get best selfies.

Not to cannibalize your market of luxury mechanical watches, Montblanc has developed the product as an accessory accompanying the TimeWalker watches of the brand, that cost $3,700 to $5,800.

“The bracelet offers all the benefits of the smart clock without that they are on the clock itself”, said Lambert.

The Apple Watch will topple the Swiss watchmaker sector? Only time will tell, said Lambert.

“It’s too soon to know how much it will affect the industry,” he said. “In the telephone sector, the life of a product is 18 months. In the industry, watchmaker is 180 years “.

The Montblanc brand belongs to the Cie Financière Richemont SA., which also owns brands such as Vacheron Constantin, Piaget and IWC. Richemont’s shares rose 2,3% to 75.40 francs, at 3:23 pm in Zurich.