Montblanc Watches And Watchmaking Olympus

My first pen Montblanc I got it the day of my graduation: she was black, simple and elegant, a great classic. Those who have never received one in his life up the mouse. In fact.

We must admit, Montblanc has an enviable leadership, the result of a lucky choice commercial that goes back several decades ago.

After some time I came again in a Montblanc boutique to give small leather goods. The price is always that of luxury goods, but at least the leather look of quality. At the beginning are a bit rigid, but it will soften.

Yet Montblanc was not enough. No no, it aimed even higher: the watches Montblanc. It was to be expected from a brand they chose as their symbol a White Star: the snow-covered peak of Mont Blanc.

Montblanc watches

In the company of my usual curiosity and a Montblanc-victim, I wanted to see for myself how the brand has tried to climb the peak of watchmaking. On this occasion I chose a total blacklook, Montblanc style.

Between pens, wallets, belts and showcases that resemble that of a Montblanc watches jewelry does not stand out, alas, for innovation. Neither in terms of design, or technical.

On the other hand it is understandable: it is difficult to invent a product if you don’t have a rooted tradition technique. Because the clocks are fascinating and complex creations and it tells the daughter of an inveterate collector: watchmaking is serious business for!

As proof, I remember a scene on the reliability of the watches with the great Lino Banfi as Commissioner Auricchio. And I told her everything.

As long as it stays on low price ranges – Let’s say a few hundred euros – the fashion brand can definitely work as a facilitator in the purchase and should be fine even Montblanc watches if you testify on these prices.

But if the costs become more important and are asked to spend several thousand euros for one of Montblanc watches, the talk is different. Being able to pay these figures, then better to opt for a quality timepiece with a solid manufacturing history behind!

The choice does not miss, beginning with the historic brand Omega to watches made of steel. For higher price ranges there are Longines or Eberhard. Until you reach theOlympus of brands: Audemars Piguet, IWC, Franck Muller, Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Mont Blanc is the highest peak in Europe, but Olympus is another thing. And as Voltaire, “time is a gentleman”.