More Than 120,000 Samsung Galaxy SII Have Sold 72 Hours

Yet we have not seen him officially by our country, and it is the terminal which generates more news to its around. Again have as protagonist to the Samsung Galaxy S2, because Samsung has reported that it has sold 120,000 units the new flagship of the company in their first 72 hours of life.

In addition, Samsung has hung the minisite of the SII Galaxy for our country, web where we can see one full specification sheet in which it is announced that the terminal for Spain will have NFC.

It is not known if these are unreliable or if the own Samsung don’t have it very clear, But although Spain still do not know which will be the model that will be deferred, or approximate dates arrive officially, what we do know is that the units that are sold in our country, in stores such as Expansys, are imported from the United Kingdom or Germany.

Samsung Galaxy SII has begun to be sold in Korea of the South and United Kingdom, harvesting in their first 72 hours 120,000 units sold, which almost triples the number 50,000 units that recorded the Samsung Galaxy S’s first generation and confirms the good omens of the Korean company, which was certain to overcome in the first Galaxy S sales.

Samsung expects Double sales over the next 3 days, and it is not unreasonable seeing the big bet of Samsung for this terminal, which will be marketed so staggered in 120 countries and 140 operators hand.

There is no doubt that this terminal will be a sales success, neither nor is there doubt that users are impatient to get to the stores and can have it. Samsung It has been able to move well this time, and although the specifications of the terminal created excitement if alone, it has created much hype around the terminal and has advertised very well throughout the network.