Most Comfortable Boxers Brand

Here is the test of my new favorite boxer, the DKS DOSS K STIGO 2. A modern, sexy and super-comfortable boxer at the exceptional price/quality ratio!

The DOSS K STIGO promise

The DOSS K STIGO brand is a brand of underwear to the Latin inspiration. DOSS K STIGO man is manly but he knows how to take care of him, his physical and he knows how to work her outfit.

DOSS K STIGO boxers are chic, elegant and with modern and sexy cuts that will put your body in value. The quality of raw materials, cutting, details, everything is designed to maximize comfort. This care to wear this underwear of course every day but also for your sports.

DOSS K STIGO offers 3 boxers, very short DKS 1 (sexiest), the DKS (longer for more comfort) 3 and between his 2 models the DKS 2. Now, here’s the test of this model DKS 2.

The boxer DKS 2 test

The class!

Model DKS 2 is primarily super class! If I had a crush for him color grey white contours which is sleek and modern (see picture right above) I finally fell for elegance and the audacity of the model sailor. But you can go to the DOSS K STIGO site, all boxers are chic and distinguished on APARENTINGBLOG.COM.

I’m sexy and I know it!

The DKS 2 of DOSS K STIGO is unquestionably ultra-sexy! Low cut top and short on the thighs, this adjusted Cup is thought to put your physique in value. A true weapon of seduction  even me who isn’t quite a body of a model, the DKS 2 know highlight me! I have the feeling to be beautiful  and Darling confirmed that boxer him please a lot.

Comfortable and sporty!

I say yes! We feel that DOSS K STIGO worked really hard on the comfort of his boxers. Underwear are very important for me and I had the opportunity to test many brands. I used to put more than 40 euros in a boxer but even this sum does not always guarantee a truly comfortable product. Many well-known brands of men’s clothing have a collection of underwear but I say you loud and strong, for 27 euros only DKS 2 is far above in terms of comfort!

The fact that the mark DOSS K STIGO do that underwear is perhaps the explanation for them to do better. The cotton with 5% spandex material brings flexibility and a touchdown perfect but it’s especially according to me the cut that makes the difference with the competition. No irritation, no elastic feeling that get you in the package and a shell that provides a performance gently. The must! For this test I took a full day I finished with a big workout and even with repeated and intense movements, it remains in place and is forgotten. No friction, an outfit is perfect, I love!