Most Expensive Auction Horse

Putin also called “wonder filly was called a German Bred Mare during the PSI auction in Ankum was sold for an amount of EUR 2.5 million. She paid because the most expensive auction horse in German history.

Who was Mr Putin?

Putin, according to Hans Heinrich Meyer won the German Championship with mares and geldings. In 2001, she was the Deputy German Champion and 2002 they managed to classify themselves high in the German Championship for the five-year old dressage horses. Then, she was still fourth at the World Championships for young horses in Verden and she became Deputy German Champion Mare in Neustadt/Dosse.Under the PSI auction in Ankum was this wonder filly was sold to the family Van der Zwan for the record sum of EUR 2.5 million, making it the most expensive auction horse ever paid.

Tragic end

After ING 2005 wonder filly, she was seized on september 1 at auction sold by ING Bank for the sum of EUR 900 000. The new owner was Xavier Marie in Haras de Hus. Putin ran during the purchase not quite regularly, and 100 days after they had sold the decision was taken to let her sleep at the age of eight.
During the auction got Putin told potential buyers that the Mare suffered from a irritantie Sesame mantle. It turned out that she had tendinitis that she was therapeutic horseshoes. She had not ridden can be seen by her injury.
Two months after Putin died French owner gave her an explanation for her death: Putin was laminitis and hoof her legs began to tilt. In consultation with the doctors actively tried to improve the situation of the Mare, then decided to save wonder sto further suffering and putting her to sleep.
In May 2006, Paardenkrant read that Putin received corticosteroids at the time of ING Bank seized her.It is unclear what type of corticosteroid is the mare is covered, but what is a fact that can cause certain types of prisoners. When this came to light have Xavier Marie instituted proceedings against ING Bank and they expect a hefty compensation because it is not allowed to refuse treatment with corticosteroids at the time of sale.
In 2007, the Amsterdam District Court rejected the claim of Xavier Marie about the auction of the Mare Putin. The judge agreed with the seller, ING Bank, agree that Xavier Bank informed previously had to adjust to the fact that the Mare immediately after the auction was crippled and prisoners. Xavier Marie has decided to appeal.
October 13, 2009 to the Court a judgment between Xavier Marie ability to prove that there has been fraud in the sale of Putin. The Court finds it unacceptable that the ING to the consequences of its negligence could escape by relying on a complaint term or voetstootse nature of a forced sale.


The French company Cryozootech was made in 2007 to the genes in the wonder filly Putin resurrected in the form of a clone. Xavier Marie owner wanted to use Poëting for breeding and was aware of the risk of maintaining the cells to be able to use it for the manufacture of a clone. After Putin deceased, the Frenchman has made use of the possibility of cloning. On 30 March 2007 a healthy Mare was born as genetically identical with Putin II. Putin is thus also the first cloned horse dressage.
Clone of wonder mare Putin.