Most Popular Beauty Tips

Instagram docet. The social network for sharing images has become a cultural phenomenon, a kind of virtual stage to showcase their quality (rain of B-sides, selfies from duck standing on desks) and their remedies beauty to be the most beautiful , not only in photos. Of course celebrities have competed. 

So what are the beauty tips most popular?

Eye Patch

Chrissy Teigen, the famous American model very active on social, has promoted the patches to be applied under the eyes: they are revitalizing strips. They serve to nourish the skin around the eyes is extremely delicate, and combat dark circles. Recommends the DHC.

How to use the baking technique correctly

The stars are crazy for baking, a technique used to apply the make up quite sophisticated. It is based on the stratification of the products, since the foundation and concealer to the powder, which has an action fixative. The latter must be stretched so abundant in some areas of the face and left her there, to cook. A true expert is Kim Kardashian.

Lilly Lash, the best fake eyelashes

It resists false eyelashes is really difficult. The best? According Kylie Jenner (yes, is always part of the WHITEHALLMAKEUP) are the Lily Lashes.

Immaculate eyebrows

Not to be drawn or tattooed, now the eyebrows should be thick and natural, but above all immaculate and perfectly symmetrical. It also supports Zendaya.

Moisturizing masks sheet

Have you tried? They are fun, because the masks sheet are often very ironic. Jennal Dewan showed off the cat of Niveola

Ode coconut oil

Coconut oil is all the rage among celebrities, because highly moisturizing and perfect to prevent stretch marks. Among the fans, Demi Lovato, and Ashley Benson.

The perfect smokey eyes

How is your smokey eyes?
There is good? Jessica Alba is a real expert, complete with a tutorial on his Instagram page.

How to eliminate the signs of the clips from her hair

Make-up often using small springs: stop hair sides of the face and avoid the egregious mess.
Kate Hudson has found a way to not ruin the crease. The beautiful RickyCare , that does not leave marks on the hair.

Coconut water

Among the most loved by the stars superfood is coconut water, which is good and is also good.Look Gisele Bündchen, as sips with a regal air, directly from the nut, while the settle hair.

Beauty multitasking

Gwyneth Paltrow has trouble relaxing, perhaps. While it is doing yoga, the esthetician eyebrows system and gets even a selfie. Blessed is she who is so multitasking. Who has time, do not waste time…