Most Successful Fishing Methods Zander-Part 1-The Jigging And Lounging

Whether vertical fishing, jigging, Carolina rig, drop shot, or the lazy method, everything can lead to success, when it is properly applied. I believe that’s very good catches of walleye completely aureicht, if one knows the mentioned techniques. It is how actually always while fishing the principle “practice makes perfect”. My goal is to explain you everything should look when these different fishing methods.

In the remainder of this article will elaborate on the jigging and the lazy method. By the Angel Assembly from the two methods are the same, but in the lure, they differ fundamentally. I use a fairly stiff rod with tip action, Shimano shadow India Flash 0-30 g, to do this I use 0, 17 mm braided Spiderwire Invisi braid. At the end of the cord, I attach a small Vortex and on the other side of the Vortex, cord monofilament is approximately 50 cm. You have still super contact with the bait and at the same time a very well-camouflaged Assembly. The bait that you can attach a monofilament line or also a right on the small cross lock snap do vertebrae in between. Very depends on the weight of the Jigkopfes, how deep the water and how strong is the flow. I use mostly heads between 12 and 16 grams of my home waters of the Havel.

At first the jigging seems Zander relatively difficult tunable. In BUSINESSCARRIERS.COM, jigging is the most active and at the same time the most difficult method of fishing. After the discharge, you should wait first until the bait on the bottom is located and the rod tip pointing towards water. After a speedy nibble with a rod so that the bait about 50cm above the ground rises and the rod tip around 60 ° shows up. Now, it is very important to quickly roll up so that the loose cord is coiled, and again shows the tip of the rod towards water. The difficulty is to maintain permanent contact with the bait, so that each bite is instantly recognizable. The exercise of this method make sure not to tear up the rod and thus the bait.  This fishing method is hard to recommend that if the Pike are right in the mood for eating, mostly in the summer months just before nightfall.

The lazy method most cope much faster. It is the most commonly used method to catch walleye. The name of the method derives from the style of fishing, which is easy to recognize. Except for the litter and the drill Rod stays always calm, showing the sharp direction of water. After the ejection, you wait first until the bait on the bottom. You can see on the Zusamenfallen of the string that is the bait on the bottom, here you must spur on the role just few times and again wait until the bait goes down. Due to the constant rod angle starts the bait at a pretty shallow angle and this is always very close to the ground. Here, you should slowly crank and insert only very short phases of retrieval, to give each Zander chance to snap.

I hope my explanations help you to catch many Pike perch and to answer some ambiguities. I’m always happy to hear from you and your experiences. Soon, I will publish the second part of the report which will deal with the vertical fishing, dropshot and Carolina rig.