Motion Tennis Cast Will Use Your Chromecast to Convert Mobile into a Racket

Do once you’ve agreed how much fun that was play tennis on your Wii, and you thought the good that could be carrying that game mechanic to the Android ecosystem? In Rolocule Games have you thought the same thing, and they have released a game that will use the Chromecast to play using the phone as if it were a remote with motion control.

Motion Tennis Cast tries to be easy to use even for less experienced users, and when we started the application offers a complete tutorial to guide us step by step in the configuration of the mirroring using our Chromecast, and so anyone can have fun playing with if was a Wii.

We could not resist us to give a time try this game, and have to say that the graphics are not bad, although they are not nothing otherworldly. A good point in favor for the casual gamers, and against them that are looking for one greater challenge, is a control that makes your character move only and the only thing we have to do is move the knob time to give you the ball.

Although it is possible to vary depending on the WiFi connection of each one, what we’ve noticed is that sometimes the game image is frozen, but fortunately that is not always equivalent to losing the game, because the phone vibrates whenever we have to give him the ball.

And if you think uncomfortable to use the phone, the developers of this game are already working in compatibility with Google Wear, so that we can play without having to compromise the integrity of our precious mobile.

Motion Tennis Castversion 1.1

  • Version of Android: 4.2 and above
  • Developer: Rolocule Games
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free, but with integrated shopping
  • Category: Sports