Moto 360 LG G Watch

Still about three weeks Moto 360 and LG’s are up to Google’s I/O Conference, on the Android wear, say the Smartwatches G watch, could be officially presented. Advance a little, to satisfy our curiosity, an article was published in the Android developer blog now, which shows both gadgets in photos and even side by side in a GIF. Also, the rumor making the rounds, the G watch could have a powerful Snapdragon 400 chip set under the hood.

Man, that’s a big one! At least, Lenovo’s very nicely toned effect chic Moto 360 on A2ZDIRECTORY in an article about the app development for Android wear on the wrist of your vehicle.

Lots of new things you can otherwise on the second publish to photo of G watch from LG make out – except the quite useful for app developers option, the application, they are working on, using mirroring from the desktop at the same time on the “dial” the Smartwatch survey.

Again, the article confirms that we definitely will learn more I/O, which starts on June 25, the Developer Conference Google Android wear and the two Smartwatches.

Also two messages reach us specifically to the G watch: a these should marketed a (unfortunately unconfirmed) Tweet by UpLeaks according to in the US, UK and – Hallelujah – also in Switzerland “soon” about the Google play store. If this however would be the only source of reference, prospective buyers would have to have absolutely a credit card; While Google allows also the payment via PayPal on the own store, but only for apps, not for hardware.

From a system dump of the G watch the colleagues of phonearena have read out meanwhile that the LG model, such as the Moto 360, probably by a Snapdragon 400 chipset from the House of Qualcomm is – be fired about neat performance should thus both watches have, bearing in mind that the same processor of also smartphones like a Moto G or LG G2 makes mini legs.

And as a treat at the end we have the boot animation of the LG G watch for you as a short video clip – again including supposedly new Android logo: