Moto G LTE and G Ferrari, New Versions for The Best Selling Motorola Moto

Despite the announcement of the purchase from Motorola by Lenovo environment to the first innovations have not decreased, but rather the opposite. We have already seen leaks of upcoming smartphones that will bring us, Moto x + 1 and Moto E, and now it is the turn to more variants of its best sellers.

We have already seen that in principle seemed a Variant, Moto G Forte, which ended up being just the same phone with cover included, and now the rumors turn points to the incorporation of 4G Moto G and the arrival of the same phone customized with the colors of Ferrari.

Xataka Android México partners are that advance us exclusively the arrival of two new variants of the G bike, being the most interesting of them which would add 4G to the terminal. The terminal would keep intact the rest of its aspects, although It would only offer in the version of 16 GB and would include a cover with lid.

Another new variant of the G bike we would see in the market would be the G Ferrari motorcycle, which as its name suggests dress the best seller of Motorola with the colours of the car brand. Would be included in a back cover customized in addition to be accompanied with wallpapers and sounds from the Italian brand, in this case we do not know the memory capacity or if they would even include 4G.

The version with 4G come to Mexico in June exclusively with Telcel, though it is to imagine that we will see his arrival to multiple countries among which we hope is ours, while the Ferrari version would come in the second half of the year. With all this data would see the arrival a feature absent in the Moto G, 4G connectivity, that many out of less, but we will see what is its price.