Moto G Stands out in The United Kingdom and Helps to Android to Reaffirm His Leadership

Moto G has delighted the British. Although, in fact, not at all. According to the latest report that analyzes the sales of smartphones prepared by the consulting firm Kantar Worldpanel, those who have been seduced by the terminal of Motorola have been, primarily, males between 16 and 24 years, and, in addition, have annual revenues means ranging around 20,000 pounds.

The success of this phone in the UK market is important for two reasons. On the one hand, it shows that a single smartphone can help a company «rise from its ashes», which is what happened to Motorola in that market. In the six months that have passed since the launch of this terminal, this company has gone from having a paltry market share to done with a 6%, which is not bad. And, on the other hand, the G bike has helped Android to reassert his leadership as the best selling platform in Europe, once again, during the last quarter.

It is clear that Android does not need the 6% share achieved by the G bike in the UK market to reaffirm its enviable position in Europe, but everything counts, and the pull of this attractive smartphone has contributed their bit to catapult to the platform to the 68.9% of quota. Behind Android is, as expected, iOS with a very comfortable 19% market share, and Windows Phone is the third operating system of the continent with a 9,7%.

But the Kantar report sheds more interesting data. Also argues that British consumers are advised first of all by the online media specialist, which has led to 40% is heavily influenced by estimations that smartphones get online. And not only that. In addition, 48% of bike G terminals were sold online. Interestingly, according to Dominic Sunnebo, director of Kantar, G motorcycle sales have been detrimental, above all, smartphones from Samsung and Nokia located in its same segment.

And, finally, a look at the U.S. market. After the rally in iOS caused by the launch of the 5s and 5 c iPhone, Android share increased 3.9% that had in the same period in 2013, and LG has been the name of the Android ecosystem that has grown, reaching 8% of market share. The distribution of shares in the US market during the quarter, reflecting the report remains in the following manner: Android «send» with a 55%, followed by iOS with a 38,7%, and a lot from both is Windows Phone with a 5,3%.