Moto X May Start to Be Customized in Germany Starting July

As in the United States from its earliest days, the Motorola Moto Maker program will reach European territory in July. Six months have passed since the release of the Moto X on the old continent, which seem to have been enough to make Motorola bills to add this customization.

It will be starting from the first month when the users can start to order your new Moto X custom in aesthetics, although initially only in Germany and only chains Phone House. For now there are no planned expansion to other European countries, although logic tells us that Iran gradually reaching new territories.

The process, the same as in the United States: go to motorcycle Maker and modify both the external appearance (housing, and color as the finish or the front, cameras, buttons), as I recall, also the storage capacity of the device or add a signature. Once we’ve completed it, the system will return a code I will need to use the Phone House chain so give us a few days later, the phone we have designed.

When Moto X began to be offered in the United States in August 2013, this customization was one of the big surprises: it was only available in the United States, since it was precisely there, in one of their new factories, where joining it. After the purchase by Lenovo There are many doubts as to what to expect from the motorcycle Maker program, If the Chinese company will keep it, if perhaps expand it… or if it will eliminate it completely. Curiously they have only applied it to the Moto X, we will leave doubts with what surely when we know his successor (is the next Google I/o on June 25?).