Motorola Gets 64GB to The Moto X, Invents a Test System before You Buy

Ending may we presented it as a possibility, which ultimately materialized in a model already available in the United States. We speak of the version with 64 GB of a veteran of the market as the Motorola Moto X. Version interesting for those who need lots of space, taking into account that no available slot for microSD card.

The model is exactly the same that already exists, but with a capacity of memory being ever more common, even in ranges that do not especially high, as it is the case that concerns us. Recently we have known in the OnePlus One analysis that the Chinese company bypassed the 32 GB to go directly to 64 GB.

With 64GB price is going to the $449, and we have no idea if it will end up appearing here. The offer is restructured with the arrival of the new model, but they do not change prices: the 16 GB is available in normal situation – offers – for 349 dollars. The 32 GB for $399.

Test two weeks pay if you like

Another interesting novelty in the sale of Moto X have it in a program of “test, then purchase”, i.e., let you a couple of weeks without paying a penny and if you do not return it is that you like, minus you the price of your account.

Without doubt an original way to try something that has a high price and we need to know better to opt for the.

To Spain the Motorola Moto X We arrived to the later than what we would have liked, and if you want to know him better, invites you to take a look at our website. A summary of its specifications: 4.7-inch display (720 p), Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, 2GB RAM, Android KitKat.

We remind you that there is a successor in development, known as Moto x + 1, and with more hand by Lenovo.