Motorola Idea a System That Unlocks Your Smartphone with a Temporary Tattoo

The the smartphone release systems They seem to have no end. Pins and passwords other mechanisms such as patterns of Android, was followed by les keystrokes in areas of the screen of some manufacturers such as LG, unlock voice of Moto X or even readers of fingerprint as the Apple Touch ID.

But it seems that possibilities don’t stop get: already spoken of how Android will make your wearable device becomes a release for the phone system – Kickstarter already had ideas to this point-, but on Motorola has occurred les to an additional idea: use a temporary tattoo to unlock smartphone.

Motorola has partnered with the company VivaLnk to develop a temporary tattoo It can hold up to five days in our skin and that is resistant for example various exercises and even swimming. The idea: from approaching the tattoo the smartphone this wake up from your slumber.

For now the system only works with the Moto X, and with 10 of these temporary tattoos pack costs $10, and that any other manufacturer to also implement the idea and make it compatible to all types of smartphones. Maybe that that option linked to a commitment by various types of tattoos design attracts certain sector of users. But for that price, you may also want us to save the effort and go to free methods.