Motorola Moto X + 1 Closer

Not so striking by price as his brother Moto G, Motorola X is one of the great phones from 2013, that well could have had greater success in sales if I had had a better global distribution. The characteristic that has made special telephone is undoubtedly the possibility to customize it through motorcycle Maker.

The phone now has eight months of life, since it appeared in the United States, but in other markets it is practically new. What is clear is that together have achieved a very good Motorola image facelift, until it was sold to Lenovo.

The new owners of the company not alaw well if they were not devoted to give continuity to these phones, and why it takes time talking about possible successors. Today we woke up with @evleaks reveals the possible name of the next model: Moto x + 1.

The “coming soon” that accompanies the name invites us to think about new leaks in a short time, and also to the official presentation of the product. In fact, is expected to be a reality in a couple of months with a summer distribution around the world.

Motorola Moto X + 1: coming soon our site

— @evleaks (@evleaks) April 6, 2014

On the phone itself, little is known, but is expected to follow trends such as a five inch display and Full HD resolution, hardware update to what is the style right now, and developments in regards to the battery.

By the State’s development, we interpret this Moto x + 1 has enough to do with Google, rather than with Lenovo, which has not had too much time to touch projects in the oven, and was more concerned with clarifying its dual brand strategy. It will be interesting to know whether that motorcycle maker Lenovo likes, or dispenses with it.