Motorola Moto X + 1 Is Displayed to The Public with Housing, Is a Moto E?

There are no secrets with Motorola, It is one of the companies most left when leaks occur. We know that after the well valued, Moto X, has to get a Moto x + 1, What we don’t know is how much Motorola is in it, or if the hand of Lenovo is already quite noticeable in its development.

Whatever it is, the Motorola Moto x + 1 It has been several times in recent days, with videos and images of dubious quality. Now we can see a recreation taken from promotional material, by the hand of the omnipresent evleaks.

Unfortunately we see it stuffed into a casing, anything that does not help to see more details of the phone, but helps us to forward some details, such as its simplicity of lines, or the absence of a flash beside the camera (if it is not covered by housing or has a special system). On the front we do not see a camera, are we really facing a version of Moto E?

To the most understood it will be strange to see that the bar of notifications and the home screen buttons are not translucent, something that came with the Kit Kat, so you could smell to mount either the company that is in charge of the case has not gone wrong work.

What is expected of the Motorola Moto x + 1 is better in specifications to the current model, up to a screen of five-inch with Full HD resolution, up the pixel density to 441ppi (316 in Moto X).

It will also welcome a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset, 2GB RAM, 64GB of internal memory, and the addition of the slot microSD. Then a video unveiled during the week, showing the terminal course: