Motorola Remains The Fastest (After Google)

Motorola continues to make things very well with its new family of phones, these attractive both for its features and price (especially the latter two) work that the company makes the software part X, G, and E: one Android very clean and near both visual system as functionally of the Nexus, and above all to receive updates with great regularity.

Not so fast as the Nexus, clear, but much faster than other companies: Moto X, G Moto and Moto E already have prepared the update to Android 4.4.4, a couple of weeks ago the last minor update of Kit Kat which solves small problems and came to own Nexus. In the Motorola now has only appeared in terminals in India, but it is hoped it will spread through the rest of the world over the next few days.

We ‘ ve begun rolling out Android, KitKat, 4.4.4 for E Moto, Moto G & Moto X this week in India! Expect an update on your #Moto soon!

— Motorola India (@MotorolaIndia) July 5, 2014

This news is not important because the own version 4.4.4, if not because Motorola continues to publish their updates at high speed. Here is also a small update, in principle with lower priority, but now Lenovo is given it rush to launch it to the market just a couple of weeks later than Google at its Nexus, and before the rest of competitors. One very positive point for Motorola by taking care of their terminals and provide them with the latest available software, and we hope to keep this work in its future models.