Motorola Sells 6.5 Million Phones in The First Quarter, Lenovo Hand Will Be Noticed in Autumn

It is not unusual to see a manufacturer talk about specific sales data, through social networks of their leaders. That is what has done Motorola, telling us that they have sold 6.5 million smartphones in the first quarter of the year, worldwide.

The news is Rick Osterloh, recently elected as President of Motorola Mobility. Aside from a promising start with the first Droid, Motorola has never been one of the major manufacturers of the Android scene.

Really has taken everyone – except Samsung – teach the head in market shares, but it is a reality that the latest batch of phones Moto liked to critics and the public alike. Entering comparisons, Samsung has trouble selling some 10 million phones – Note 3 – in little more than two months.

From my point of view, I believe that the sales figures are rather short for what you offer, especially with Moto G. In the future come several models that will give much to talk about in relationship quality/price: E Moto, Moto x + 1, Moto G LTE and Ferrari.

Motorola shipped 6.5 million devices globally in Q1. -Rick Osterloh #MotoNews

— Motorola Mobility (@Motorola) April 22, 2014

The hand of Lenovo will be noticed in autumn

The American company is going into the hands of Lenovo, and little by little we will see note is the hand of the Chinese, but for now, everything sounds too Google. In fact, is expected to get the first phone really conceived under the direction of Lenovo in autumn, all what we see before will have to do so as planned.

In the hands of Lenovo, we understand that the pressure to get figures will be lower that as independent company. Under the direction of Google, always had the feeling that had to be the best, and tell them the rest how it had to be Android phones.