Motorola X + 1, So Say The Rumors Is The

Moto G and Moto E eating her way to the Moto X, at least in Spain, begins to close a successor sooner rather that later. It will be, if the rumors starting circulating now are true, the Motorola x + 1, a terminal in which the most important may be the new screen diagonal that happen to be at the height of other large terminals on the market today.

The 4.7 inch 720 p the original Moto X, the new Moto x + 1 would use a panel of 5.2 inches FullHD. Similar size, resolution, and therefore density than for example Xperia Z2, and very similar (tenth inch, tenth of an inch below) as variants of other manufacturers. Motorola seems you bet by a more than five-inch smartphone, a trend clearly identified in today’s.

Obviously This is a rumor whereas in this case the forums of Baidu, a not too much quality image showing though it reveals some interesting details. The design would change significantly with respect to the current Moto X, some similar to the Nexus 5. No other feature, is not known although of course it is logical to set the bar as high as possible and rely on Motorola to use 801 Snapdragon chips or 2 GB of RAM inside.

The possibility of a new high-end Motorola phone charges force not only for the “antiquity” of the Moto X, but also because the launch of the bike 360 is coming, the smartwatch of Motorola planned to start selling throughout summer. A couple that would be perfect.