Motorola You Goes Well: Doubles Its Sales in The Second Quarter and Distributes 8.6 Million Mobile

Motorola things seem to idle more and better. After a few years of ups and downs and uncertainty that led to the U.S. company into the hands of the first Google and Lenovo after, it seems that, finally, is returning to the course and consolidated in the position that never had to give up as one of the Veterans of the phone market which is.

A report by the consulting firm ABI Research reveals that Motorola has distributed 8.6 million mobile phones during the second quarter of 2014, a figure which, according to the study, doubles the number of the same period from 2013. This upward trend is still possible thanks to the very good acceptance that seem to be having the E bike, and, above all, Moto G.

But this is not all. During the first quarter of this year also noted a clear improvement, in fact, distributed 6.5 million mobile phones, sales propelled primarily by the G bike because the E bike made its appearance at the end of the quarter, and only in some markets (in Spain and landed in the middle of May).

Although by the time Motorola has not confirmed anything, the successor to the G bike, which according to some sources will be called G2 Moto o Motorcycle G+1, It could be around the corner. And, if he can equal or surpass the success of the G bike, there is no doubt that will help strengthen Motorola in a much more comfortable market position it has occupied lately.