My Leather Jacket Is A Great Autumn Companion

The week, in which I had stolen almost a 4000 euro chain and missed my flight on the flight. So adventurous this sounds-it’s true-ok except for the flight… but that sounds just too great.

In any case, this happened: The dear people, who also follow me on Instagram, know that I had a photo shooting for theMyself . For me this fact alone is exciting enough-but as always it is: It all comes together.

Leather Jackets Are Great In Autumn

That was the week where I almost stole a chain to the value of EURO 4,000 and while trying to escape I missed my flight. As adventurous as it sounds-it is the truth-ok, except the part about the escape-but that sounds so great. This is how it happened: The lovely people who follow me on Instagram I have a photoshoot with Myself. This is an exciting thing for me-but as always-everything happens together.

Exciting Photoshooting

A whole Monday morning I was in a totally different world. With an editor of the Myself, a photographer and their assistants, I spent the morning in a real, real Fotostudio. Not to forget, the make-up artist, who opened up completely new hair rooms and conjured up a mega make-up. Oh how sorry I could not take her home with me. The same applies to the wardrobe. Although I mostly carried my own things in the photos, a beautiful jacket by Riani had it done to me-but since it would probably have noticed immediately if I had taken her…

Exciting Photoshoot

For one whole Monday morning. I spend the night in a real photo studio with the editor of Myself, a photographer and his assistant, not to forget the make-up. What a pity that I could not take her home with me. The same has been said about the wardrobe. I would like to have a good time with my family, but I would like to have a good time.

Fast Stolen

Quite different was the chain… or better chain.Made of rose gold with a nice pendant, which reminded me a bit of the logo of Tory Burch and she was really fine-tuned… that was to me then also the doom. I only noticed that I was still wearing the necklace, when the editor of the magazine called me to ask me about it… But I was already sitting in the car and I just arrived at my girlfriend, who took part in my photo shoot on my children Had watched. Ahem yes !!! What should I say, nice attempt… But it was really no intention and instead of waiting for a courier, which I wanted to send “Mrs. Myself”, I’d rather have packed my children into the car and drove the chain back to the studio…

Almost Stolen

It was a different story with the chain… it was more of a small chain.It was made of rose/red gold with a lovely pendant which reminded me a bit of the logo of Tony Burch and what really delicate…. And that led to my downfall. I only realized what I would like to do. I am looking for a man who is looking for a man to be with me. Ahem, yes !!! What should I say… what a nice try…  But I do not know what I’m doing Took it back to the studio myself…

My Leather Jacket My Favorite Autumn Companion

My daughter was eh curious, as it looks in a Fotostudio … Ha… two birds with one stone! If I had not missed out on the trailer, I would have fallen into a doubt… But why, I missed my flight on the “flight”… I’ll tell you the next time… Now I’ll show you first My favorite autumn companion-my leather jacket-never fit these jackets better, I think! Have a great week dear all…

PS: By the way-I have no idea when exactly the photos will be in the Myself-but you will notice it. Most certainly!

Leather jackets are my favorite accessories in autumn

My daughter what anyhow curious as to what a photo studio looked like…. Ha I killed two birds with one stone !!! . However, it would be like this. Now I’ll show you my favorite autumn accessory – my leather jacket. I think it’s never suited better! Have a great week everyone…