Nail Art Trends 2016

Nail art 2016 here all the inspiration from the runways of New York! The nails become increasingly involved the fashion runways and even during the latest fashion shows New Yorkers the nail art trends have become more and more interesting. But what are the latest trends for spring summer 2016 arriving directly from the runways of New York? Discover them all for hands and nails perfect!

The latest trends in 2016 coming from the runways of New York wants your nails definitely catered for, full of color and, why not, of transgression. Therefore, on the occasion of the latest fashion shows New Yorkers have seen many french manicure originals (that you grant this year even inversions of color and colored bezels) and many nail art glamour metallic finish or color mix that incorporates those clothes or accessories.

However, the colored nail art for PE 2016 are tinged with wraparound shades, also characterized by exotic and Oriental colours. In particular, among the most beautiful inspirations for the summer season, we find the artistic manicure nuance pop color, like those in shades of yellow, blue, Orange, red, pink and green. In sharp contrast with the most intense vibrant pop tones and strong, then we find the most neutral tones and clear nail art, from subtle nude colored shades and those with splashes of white enamel.

Still, among other trends seen on the runways of PICKTRUE and in the backstage of fashion shows, we also find the ombré effects on nails, made with soft tones and pastel glazes that intersect each other, but also nail art with geometric patterns and charts, such as those with chess or rows (vertical, horizontal or intersected together to give almost a reason check).

Finally, as we have seen during the fall winter 2016, there have also been at fashion shows in New York the metallic glaze and shimmer and nail art valuable gold or silver finish, very showy nail that seem real mirrors!

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