Nail Art Water Marble Tutorial

Nail art water marble, what it is and how to implement this technique to decorate nails, apparently complicated but rather simple to accomplish. The water marble manicure is the latest “madness” in the world of beauty, ideal for a summer evening with friends or a business lunch. Can also be done from the comfort of your own home by themselves: just buy some Nail Polish lacquered with bright colors for decoration DIY and your nails will be truly special and they will surely go unnoticed!

What is the secret of a good nail art water marble? First you need to try so many nail polishes before finding the right ones. Better to choose only those lacquers, but especially if you have many that used little because past, not even after 30 transparent throw them because they are great for water marble! Remember that the enamel is more liquid the drop will open it in the water. In addition, you will need a glaze that serve as the basis to bring out the colors, and then the white chalk will be perfect, a nail base and top coat.


  • Different colored fluids enamels
  • Bowl with warm water
  • A large number of pins
  • Acetone and cotton bud
  • Scotch


Fill a bowl with lukewarm water, choose which colors to use and drop a drop of glaze in water that will widen, and keep up with all the colors you have chosen. The drop should not be abundant, otherwise you risk that the weight take her to sink. In the event that the enamel does not dilate, try to shake the bowl. Remember to do this quickly because otherwise enamels dry up. Also the diameter of the bowl is important: choose a library with a large diameter. After that worked with a pin the shape in the desired design and widened, made glazes give free rein to imagination, but try to make simple shapes, like for example spirals. Remember to clean the needle immediately after each operation. Now dip the nail, after protecting the rest of the finger with the scotch. Holding your finger with the PIN still in the water, remove excess Polish around your finger. Wait until the glaze dries very well before removing scotch too, then correct the imperfections with a cotton swab moistened by a little acetone.

Finally roll out a top coat, the classic clear Polish, so protect your nail art water marble through PETSINCLUDE and can thus withstand the test of time.