Nail Polish and Sandals

Which nail polish match for silver sandals? Do not be distracted by current trends in the colors: the fondamentele rule matching sandals – enamel is the type of sandal and the type of clothes you wear.

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Nail polish to put on the toenails with a pair of silver sandals must be refined and elegant, avoid colors such as red and pastel colors and go on the safe side, but there is some exceptions which we see starting in any case before the rules of elegance.

Nail Silver Sandals, The Basic Rule

The basic rule is simple: with an elegant nude polish or white sandalwood, neutral colors in short, look at these two examples, two different types of sandals silver jewel, the elegant shoe Versace Haute Couture and medium Marc heeled sandals Jacobs, in both cases the enamel is milky white or neutral but polished, is that the shoe must not risaltate toenails which in any case must have a flawless pedicure.

Even in these two photos that we show we find the elegant style, the shoes with heels up to Murad with nail polish to bare feet transparent, is the sandal with chunky heel of Richmond where the glaze is shiny white.

As we have circumstances beyond the classic elegant style that requires manicured nails and painted in neutral colors, there are also exceptions, such as a color that you can use to paint your toenails is the shiny black enamel with silver that’s fine. Here are the pictures.

With a pair of silver flat sandals that you can wear with everything from morning till night, even the gray is a color that goes well with the silver. The alternative for all is to follow the fashion trend that has launched Chanel, the sporty style sandals are all silver and toenails are painted silver enamel.