Name Onedrive May Involve Microsoft in Another Legal Dispute

He felt that feeling of “this will not work” when the onedrive name was called on for SkyDrive? Maybe you’re right: the a web hosting company with a strong presence in Europe, is now studying the possibility to take Microsoft to court because of the new brand.

The information comes from the site Neowin, who chatted with Thomas Medard Frederiksen, director of operations According to the executive, the company is talking to experts in brand because it understands that onedrive is a very close denomination of your data storage service in the cloud, the Cloud Drive.

Being more precise, Frederiksen believes onedrive name can be associated with the combination with Cloud Drive and thus “diverting” potential new customers of the hosting company.

Microsoft apparently has done extensive work to verify the use of onedrive name around the world. A track that is here in Brazil: Locaweb has a storage service in the cloud that had exactly this name, but changed to GoDrive recently, suggesting an agreement between the two companies, despite none of the sides have spoken about.

For Frederiksen, however, this search should have been more detailed, or Microsoft could have verified that onedrive or any other name can not affect similar markings.

The will await the analysis of experts and its legal department to decide whether it is worth resorting to judicial means or even try an agreement with Microsoft.

The fact is that if the company decides to “go to fight,” have considerable chances. Just remember that Microsoft was forced to abandon the SkyDrive brand because the British TV operator Sky Broadcasting Group argued in court that the name would cause confusion with their services.

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