Natural Bridal Makeup

We have Melanie Volkart today by make it up agency as Gastbloggerin with us. I am delighted I stumbled on to their great beauty blog. Offer their services as a hair, nail -, fashion stylist and makeup artist, for a shoot, video/film shooting, theater’s production. But may I ask to them privately for weddings, parties or makeup consultations. We both wish you much pleasure in the reading…

Gastblogbeitrag make it up

One of my first questions to a sample wedding was earlier, as the makeup of the intensity from the bride-to-be. Today, I know that the answer is very often “natural” because every bride wants to look like them. However, the same “Natural” does not mean to anyone. That can mean anything from some powder and mascara to Smokey eyes in shades of brown with darker lips.That’s why photographer Ellin Abdul-Karim, model Mattea and I photographed for you three different “natural” makeup looks. The intensity is built up from left to right and combined with different hairstyles reviewed on ASK4BEAUTY.COM.

We hope that this helps you to get a more accurate picture, what could most closely match you on your special day. Otherwise, I can recommend to seeking to take this as a reference on the Internet for images of hairstyles & make-up. Sure but that the person you is similar to the type here and has not as a completely different eye shape or hair length. In addition, it is important that it is aware that every makeup looks different or hairstyle from person to person. Remains so despite reference images for amendments your make-up and hair stylists.