New Beira Rio Shoes Brazil

The Beira Rio is all good right … that unites beauty, versatility, comfort and good price so we can go around razing without spending a fortune. And besides, friend, is the fruit of our land. A national brand that gives pride.

It is then super-female specializes in taste and in need of Brazilian, regardless of region.

It has everything you can imagine: sneaker, rasteirinha, closed shoes, boots, pumps, has low-heeled, middle, high, super high, have for any style and color you can imagine.

If you want to work, the scarpins with short hops are perfect, makes you stylish without you take comfort.

The peep toes are also suitable for work, but for those working with a more stripped down look and need to be long standing. But do not forget that if you choose this model has to be with the nails always on time because this model leaves little fingers out.

The prints animal print Beira Rio will also be super high in 2016, with velvety fabrics and also in varnish.

Open rasteirinhas come with applications in precious stones and metals, simply perfect!

The sabots return to dictate the fashion in 2016, but this time more skinny and delicate short hops. Just as Anabela heels that are a great option for those who want comfort, but does not open floor hand over heels.

The platforms of the collection Beira Rio 2016 have been colored and stamped and view more color is red, accompanied by orange. We see colors nudes too often too, but the hottest colors will trend.

The brand is betting on metallized details and tones bicolor that unite modernity and versatility, sandals in black with gold, red with gold are cars head of the new collection.

Each has beautiful vintage sneaker from R$44.90, the same can be used for various occasions, such as, for work, a walk in the mall or go out with friends at night. The price is very good and the quality you already know, if you do not know, will not regret.

It is one that I particularly think beautiful. The florida rosinha with the tip of varnish one color, love!

The cross straps come with all the summer 2016 and will be thicker strips.

Speaking of boots, Beira Rio surprises more every day. Short boots come with metal details and models without heels and short barrel are the bet for the summer.

For you to enter 2016 with the right foot and the left … also very good shoes can bet in mid heel sandalinhas silver and combine with that shiny dress liiiiindo!

Stake type jumps also could not miss in the collection 2016, since it is a tendency in all the catwalks of the world, and the Beira Rio is always in tune with the international fashion weeks.

The flat sandals closed heel will not get out of line.

Varnish is very present in the models, sometimes the entire shoe, sometimes just a few details.