New Blog Partner: Encamped in Ubatuba

A new blog camper became partner of MaCamp. The “stall owners” belongs to campers who became regulars of curious way. When receiving friends at home and having little internal space, but a great backyard, came armed with tents. This was the big hook to meet in practice. Now disclose in your soul campers blog your camping at out. The last was at Camping Padang.

Fitted with Quechua tent young did a great and brief review Arpenaz model Family 4 4.1

“Rating: I was very pleased with the beauty, inner space and quality of materials, I had a tent of national manufacturing and the difference is striking finish. In general the tent is very good, fairly easy to assemble and looks great stretched … I got a light rain, but gave it to get an idea of how tough the rain she is … Tested on a rainy day and still found the room a little too warm. The tent has few entries/exits of air which does not allow good air circulation in the room. In the room ventilation was very reasonable. I can’t say that the tent got hot due to the Sun, because as I said the day was rainy, and on the outside of the tent was very much cooler … To sleep quietly put the air conditioner in the room lol what solved the problem so amazing … Overall I’m pretty satisfied with it, and don’t think about change so soon, but for now the only solution found was to camp in places where electrical outlet available … ”

Then it was time to tell the output of Águas de Lindóia – your address – to Ubatuba on the North coast of São Paulo.

“Great space for tents, most with soil covered with gravel which avoids flooding Besides leaving the environment much cleaner without dust and clay Earth. (also has areas with Earth as in other campgrounds, the camper chooses to set up your tent in the soil of your preference) ”

Great photos, great reviews and reporting from the trip. Check out the link below and learn about this new blog partner. And if your blog is not already a partner of MaCamp, be sure to request.


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