Nexus in Format Phablet? Motorola Could Be Working on It

There is desire to know more about new devices Nexus. Especially after talking so long about Android Silver or One, programs that are more related to the manufacturers make phones certified by Google, than a single model as special as it can be a Nexus.

The last thing sounded forcefully is the Google relationship with HTC to create a tablet, with internal name “Volantis”. Now there are other information that removes it from the map, pointing to Motorola as new travel companion.

According to Android Police, Motorola would be working with his former mistress in a device called internally “Shamu”. A phone that would end up becoming a Nexus with characteristics somewhat different to what we are accustomed.

Well, how different would be really in size, since we are talking about a phablet with 5.9 inch the screen diagonal. Following the trend that other companies are taking, Shamu would with a fingerprint sensor.

Rumors placed him in the month of November, which is within the normal window of a Nexus. As a curiosity, Shamu is the name of a famous orca, and former Nexus had internal names related to the sea: “hammerhead” for Nexus 5 or “maguro” to the Galaxy Nexus.

There are no images of the Motorola Shamu, or we can put your hand in the fire for him, but we find it interesting to introduce it for what can happen. ¿A Nexus are interested in size phablet?