Nokia is Working On An Android Smartphone?

After in April 2014, Nokia sold its appliance Division to Microsoft, it will take some time until the the Finnish companies in the Smartphone industry will come back.

On Our site photos have surfaced recently showing a Smartphone of the Nokia company. On the display is clearly visible an operating system Android look. Under the agreement with Microsoft, Nokia however is allowed to publish no Smartphone before the quarter quarter of next year.

As we agreed with Microsoft, the soonest that could happen 2016 is Q4 – so it’s safe to say Nokia won’t be back (at least in phone form…) before then. –

Nokia fans must be patient so or so at least a year.

Name: Nokia C1

Under the name Nokia C1 (Comparisons: at the beginning of the year Nokia already brought an Android Tablet named N1 on the market) circulating rumors about an Android Smartphone from the Nokia home through the Internet for several days. These rumors include allegedly gel file pictures as well as the corresponding specifications.

Would you believe in the making, would feature the Nokia Smartphone with a very thin border. The back seems rather simple, with no conclusions on the processed material pull can due to the low resolution of the gel files photos.

In general it reminiscent with its minimalist design the Tablet N1 published in January:


Should the rumors about the alleged specifications correspond to the truth, would some disappointment wide look especially for high end users. Thus the C1 would over 2 GB RAM, a not closer defined Intel Atom processor, 5 “diagonal screen, full HD, Android 6.0, a main camera with 8 MP with a front-facing camera with 5 MP. In particular who consider that this device will only appear late next year, likely can imagine is difficult, that Nokia wants to actually go back with this technical data. This also means that it is very, very likely, that is with respect to specifications and design will change a lot.

Android and Windows Mobile operating system?

Nokia is planning right with two operating systems? A current leak, shows an ovipositors of NPU, which the Smartphone both with the Nokia own Launcher Z Launcher shows. On the ovipositors, also a different design can be recognized which suspects left the camera on the back and not above. The presentation in different colors in addition, as Nokia has done in the past. Included are a grey, white, pink and Golden version. Whether the current leak is only a good fake or probably a real design we can not say yet at the current time. It is however interesting that Nokia is right on two operating systems, so that the user has on his side the advantage. Although one can say that Android is more popular than Windows Mobile, but I completely shoot down wouldn’t the latest operating system from Microsoft. The new and extensive Funktionenversprechend an upswing in the coming months.

Foxconn as a partner?

Da Nokia as well as everything in the area Smartphone is to get, has sold to Microsoft, the company needed a partner for production, sales, marketing and customer support. Only design and design would accomplish Nokia itself. For the N1 Tabet, Nokia charge the famous company of Foxconn. It is not known whether Nokia will choose for the C1 Foxconn as a partner.