Not Everything is Allowed in the Diet of Pregnant Women

Know What To Avoid In Order To Have ANot Everything Is Allowed In The Diet Of Pregnant Women Healthy Diet During Pregnancy.

Eat everything in moderation? For pregnant women, it’s not how it works. For mom and baby take a picture of health in gestational period, it takes more than a healthy diet. Some items need to be crossed out of the diet. “In pregnancy are responsible for another life, so we must take care. And, when in doubt, ask your doctor before eating any food, “says the nutróloga Andrea Pereira, the Albert Einstein Hospital and coordinator of the Nutrition obesity and Bariatric Surgery of UNIFESP. Know what may or may not be present in pregnant woman with medical guidelines:

Raw food, forget it!

For the sake of the baby, oxfordastronomy suggests you better spend away from the medium rare meat and Japanese food buffet. The food of the future mothers need to be very well cooked. “Otherwise, there is a risk of contamination by parasites and bacteria. The pregnant woman may even develop a framework of intoxication, which can impair the development and life of the baby. In addition, the origin, date of validity and hygiene must be observed. Any amendment represents a high risk “alerts the doctor.

Zero sweetener

Too much fat during pregnancy is not ideal, however, some common foods in weight loss diets are not healthy at the time. “In addition to the raw food and undercooked, the sweetener called saccharin should be avoided. Its use is not safe because it can lead to bad formation of the baby. Following the same principle, do not consume light and diet products in large quantities, “he said. Honey, it’s a natural food brings health risks of pregnant. “It’s difficult to control the origin of these products. It is not known what were the criteria for storage and hygiene. If you are contaminated, can cause intoxication “, he adds.

Liquor, dispense

Although the joy the arrival of baby wakes up an uncontrollable desire to drink, fillthe cups with water. “There is a consensus on a safe amount of alcohol consumption. So it is best to avoid even small doses, because there is the risk of the baby developing foetal alcohol syndrome, which manifests itself mostly when he is born “,concludes nutróloga.

Say yes to healthy

“Don’t forget to feed every 3 hours, drink at least two litres of water a day, consuming fruits, vegetables, legumes, meat, eggs, milk and milk derivatives. Reduce your intake of fried foods and salt. Eating for two is myth, so do moderate portions.Fiber consumption is also important during pregnancy because pregnant tend tobe constipated “, concludes.