Number One with a Sharp Look

Nokia has equipped his N93 not only with advanced optical senses, but also on the communication skills honed. With success-the N93 is the new leader of our mobile rankings and second in the Smart phones.

Nokia targets users who often and like to take pictures with their mobile phone or record videos with the N93. Ordinary prerequisites for that undoubtedly brings the N93. In which mobile does their duty otherwise already a 3.1-megapixel camera with optical zoom and a Zeiss lens?

Friends moving images may also take notice. The mobile phone can shoot videos with a resolution of 640 times 480 pixels (VGA) and playback via TV cable on the boob tube home.

Also business users come thanks to several Office applications and advanced phone features at their own expense. Nevertheless the current number one some weakness showed our mobile rankings in our test.

Photo & Video: Great Facilities

3.1 Megapixels, optical zoom, Zeiss lens, VGA video resolution: Quickly clarifies the N93, that it belongs to the elite of camera phones. So much camera was seen in any mobile phone. But what use are the Visual qualities in practice?

Photo features
The equipment list resembles less a mobile phone than a compact camera: 2.048 x 1.536 pixels (3.1 mega pixels) with autofocus and a Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar lens with a focal length from 35 to 94 mm (according to small). For snapshots, the N93 is less good. In the test passed almost 3 seconds, until the autofocus had sharp captures a motive.

In low light conditions, the camera supports an LED illuminator. In practice that works for subjects to maximum one meter distance pretty well. The goal is further away, the effect quickly fizzles. A “real” Flash to face would be the N93 as Sony Ericsson has built in him his K800i. Missing we have a function to avoid the red eye.

The N93 successively takes 6 images in the sequence mode. Whopping 12 seconds this series shot – taking too long for our liking. After all: The quality of Blider convinces. Subjectively assessed currently no other photo phones shoot shoot better photos. Like good sharpness, good color and detail. At most the high image noise disturbed us. Recorded with the N93 Beispielfots you will find at the bottom of this page or in the Photo Gallery to the N93. If you want to know more about the quality of the camera: we sent the best camera phones – including Nokia N93 and Sony Ericsson K800i – into the digital camera lab. Soon, you will find a detailed comparison test at us.

Video functions
The N93 in VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels) takes videos in MPEG4 format up to an hour in length. Using the adapter cable, there the movies directly on your TV. For turning your video, you can use a digital image stabilizer. Recorded sample video (30 MB) find the link to one with the Nokia N93 below on the page.

In our test, the camera delivered passable video clips in undoubtedly better quality, as it up so far was a mobile phone. With a full-blown VGA video camera the N93 can’t keep up but. For the image stabilizer works not good enough on the one hand, on the other hand, the videos topped occasionally, even if they were taken with the highest quality. The test run of our videos on your TV not really enjoyed – the quality difference is too clear to regular video cameras. Anyway: With some practice and a little quiet hands, decent clips succeed that for family and friends.

Phone Features: Almost Complete

The N93 provides telephone comfort and a lot of interfaces. Little else a competitor on Board has the combination of Bluetooth, infrared, UMTS and W-LAN.

Phone functions
Whether you choose between online and offline mode (E.g. in the aircraft), would enter commands via voice or want to store unlimited contacts with over 40 details to each entry: thanks to Symbian OS and Series 60 UI is all easily possible.

In the test the successful contact management convinced us: so we could divide contacts into groups, set specific ring tones for individual contacts or groups and create voice dialing commands automatically from the phone book entry. From six predefined environment profiles, you can choose, change them according to their own taste, and if necessary create up to 20 custom profiles.Phone calls, sound or other acoustic events can record and play as a ring tone.However it works only for one minute per recording, then the recorder stops automatically.

Data functions
The N93 offers abundant opportunities for fast data transfer. In addition to Bluetooth and USB 2.0 is still Wi-Fi (802.11 g, 54 MBit / s) and the good old infrared port under the hood. For quick trips to the Web and video calls, you can use UMTS. Find the necessary second camera, including zoom and photo function, on the inside of the door.

The Finn during data synchronization is provided no weaknesses. The mobile took over 1,000 test contacts and 110 notes in less than one and a half minutes via USB from the computer. A good value! Via Bluetooth, the transfer took only 20 seconds longer. Infrared we needed less than 3 minutes in the test. Emails can however not matched.

For this dial-in in-house and third-party Wi-Fi worked networks without stumbling blocks. Just looking for W-LAN access point, login with the necessary passwords and you’re done. In the test, it worked also in trains of the federal railways with the appropriate equipment. With the function “Private network” to specify what content of your N93 can access other net participants. Last not least, The email client supports up to six email accounts. The Central Inbox for all message types, as well as the structured storage system we liked.

PDA/Music: Solid Performance

The N93 not with business Smartphones such as the Nokia E61 can compete in terms of PDA applications. It lacks the Visual artist, for example, on a functional word processor and a full keyboard.

Still, Users who must be reachable along the way for email and to attachments in Office formats (doc, xls, ppt, pdf) want access to, can look forward about Quickoffice and Acrobat-Reader. At least look at Office files that can be. In addition, the N93 as all S60 Smartphones offers an extensive calendar with reminder features. You can reconcile the and contacts with Outlook.

MP3 player/radio
The music player of the N93 sounds neat and can handle ID3 tags. In addition, the sound style presets or Equalizer can be adapted. During playback, you can dare also a games, create messages, or retrieve. During data transfer, the N93 in USB mode put the day true sprinter qualities. In just 5 seconds, our about 3 MByte landed big test-MP3 on the phone – just fine!

The N93 Nokia Board an adapter for your own headphones. The supplied headset sounds passable, has weaknesses but when bass playing and should better sit in the ear. Also on board: A strong reception FM stereo radio, however without RDS support.The radio also runs in the background while you use other applications.

The N93 factory is rather lean equipped with memory. In the delivery State, 155 MB are memory – including the supplied memory card – available. Too little for memory-intensive multimedia applications. For example, video in the best quality loose claimed a minute about 20 MB. We would have liked at least a card with one GByte.If you want can be added at his own expense up to 2 GByte.

Practice: Thick Chunks

Its weight of just under 200 grams and its remarkable volume are serious arguments against the N93. In the user management and battery life, however, the Finn in the test able to score points.

Display / key data
Not to be overlooked: the N93 is a quite one. In particular the sophisticated folding mechanism and the camera are responsible. With its 118 x 58 x 27 mm and at least 183 grams, the phone strained robust pockets to the load limit. The power cell in the test lasted for about 4 hours and 36 minutes at maximum power.

Also the display can be placed in the truest sense of the word see. It represents details with good resolution and high contrast. In addition, Nokia has bought a low-reflection display the N93. In practice this is noticeable by a better readability in sunlight.

Handling / acoustics
The collapse joyful N93 left to easily operate in the test after a short adjustment period. Processing features as well as crisp pressure points in the mobile phone keys, well protected interfaces and the catchy operation. The menu navigation is solved via unique pictograms and easy to see through. Standby function can be define critical applications directly on the home screen. If you want to map the menu according to his own tastes.

Less applause is the camera control with us. The thumb must make much track, to get to the trigger or the zoom wheel. The result: Either get you have stretched and tensed finger or they cover parts of the lens or the LED light with your index finger.Also the side 5-way button could not convince because of something hakeligen operation. The N93 expectations remained in the acoustic test. Voices sounded both landline and mobile phone fairly dull and nuschelig. The clarity was never at risk.

Conclusion: Joint Winner

The N93 is good as a phone as well as a Smartphone or digital camera. With its good facilities, it creates almost a one-two in our rankings. 1st place ranking in the mobile and 2nd place in the Smartphones – respect!

The biggest deficiency of the N93 immediately catches the eye: it’s big and heavy. Otherwise the phone especially with its trumps Visual qualities such as video camera and camera on. Interest in the target audience are likely to provide the high image resolution and videos in VGA size. One thing is clear: the N93 provides the currently best video quality of all phones and needs to fear no comparison with competitors like the Sony Ericsson K800i the photos.

As a communication centre, the N93 has much to offer. In particular, the sophisticated Contact management and the good Personalization options fallen. Not to forget: the complete phalanx of interfaces including UMTS, Wi-Fi and infrared predestine the Finns for all kinds of modern contact.

Who gives out better Acoustic stimuli, is the built-in MP3 player MP3 players and the strongest reception FM radio to know. A stereo headset with puts Nokia in the package. The Finns in the supplied storage will be less generous. 128 MB are just too little for a multimedia phone of this caliber.

We remain the same when the photo experts among the phones. You are looking for a compact camera phone with real Flash and full resolution? Then you find may be in the Sony Ericsson K800i a good companion. The first “Cyber-shot” mobile phone is ranked just behind the N93 4th place of our mobile rankings.