Office Looks For Pregnant: Fall Shirts

Even if you’re that saved the good thing for the end and booking you vacation for the month of September… already we can say that the return to normality
has come for all.

A day to start October we say goodbye to the holiday period (until the day you begin maternity leave p and we have caught us again at the labor rate.) Behind gauzy summer dresses and cool sandals are…

We say hello to more elaborate outfits, began to combine several garments for a same look and wear based on layers and layers of clothes that we can add or subtract to every hour of the day until winter comes to stay.

But there is no hurry, enjoy the fall and their fashion choices as we can.

This epoch is undoubtedly the most suitable to wear maternity shirts as described in answermba since we can still carry them body without having to put on warmer clothes more, and this season is full of garments tailoring that you can wear for any occasion: meetings, moments of relax, urban looks and outfits for the return to the office.

Neat white

The purity of the white gives much play for outfits that have to appear to be simple but at the same time have to denote personality and style. This season you can wear them in two ways:

  • Straight lines and very structured in simple and geometric cut blouses, where the textures of the fabrics will be a plus and few accessories will be enough to create the perfect outfit. Three-quarter, bottlenecks at peak without more ornaments and bodies evasee sleeves. Less is more.
  • Design more floaty and feminine blouses romantic touch. A trick? Add a loop to the neck of shirts, the same color of your blouse or a colour in contrast, you otorgarás you to your outfit a chic as we have recently seen on catwalk in Chloe or Gucci.

Looks bohemian boho style shirts

You like to follow the trends but you don’t like to be you who adapts to them. You have a very marked character and a very personal style. You are dynamic, extroverted, cheerful and creative and you like your clothes reflect that.

This season the boho chic style defines you. With hippies and finish details that fall in love, prints bohemian (from the liberty to the paisley) ornate lace and cuts large setenteros invade your wardrobe and challenge you to get a new outfit every day. There is no style that makes best crumbs with this pregnancy, and you know it!
It plays with the neck scarves, shoulder bags and hanging long most original… And get a perfect look with jeans and long skirt. The icing on the cake?… The poncho!


The genius of the fall is that you can play a lot with layers, so multiply the possible combinations. Don’t need a coat at the moment, so you’ll have everything you need if you’re with a good background of Cabinet-based stockinette, oversize jackets and star garment: the poncho.

Come each autumn colors: gray in all its shades, colors sand, Burgundy and the new color of the season, the marsala, which comes on strong to stay from our closet in our bedroom.

As every fall, Mit Mat Mamá brings you the best fashion maternity with the Mix & Matchslogan: a collection full of combinable and interchangeable garments among themselves, so that you look like an artist creating outfits. Thus the new fall collection shirts carried under sweaters and ponchos maternity this season will create new sets. It combines your neck and shirt fist bottlenecks preferred boat of the jerseys of the new collection and complementalo with your foulards or favorite necklaces, the result will be 10.

In addition the sweaters and ponchos maternity are the most versatile of the season garment, since thanks to the trend oversize can follow them using after pregnancy. Find them comfortable, with low asymmetrical and details on canale. Need more reasons?