Online Shopping for Baby Stroller

There are nowadays so many types, brands and models of baby strollers on the market that it is difficult to even know what is best for you and your child. A good start is to consider, besides the price, of course, the age range of the baby and how long you expect to use it.

Online Shopping for Baby Stroller

How do I choose a stroller?

If you are pregnant or have a newborn , you will need a stroller that reclines well (almost reaching a fully lying position) for about 6 months, when it may already be in a more seated position.

Many families invest in a sturdier stroller to last just this baby stage until the child gets older, at 2 or 3 years old.

Another option is to have a trolley for use in the first months and then another, lighter and portable, for when the child can already sit for a walk in the street.

Take into account also the most frequent use expected of the cart, that is, if the idea is to walk closer to your home or take and carry the cart in the trunk to more distant places.

To help you shop, the BRIDGAT presents a shopping guide of the advantages and disadvantages of the different trolleys available. If you go to buy a cart outside, be sure to take into account if it is a type that will suit your needs and limitations (especially of space), since the exchange will always be more complicated.

Check our list with questions to ask at the store when buying a cart .

And check out experienced moms on the BabyCenter forums to find out what they found of each type of cart after using them in real life.

Lightweight stroller, umbrella type

Cheaper and generally less durable, these trolleys are lightweight and often foldable and portable.

They are an excellent option for travel .

They usually fit seamlessly in the trunk of the car or even in the luggage compartment of an airplane. Some come with a purse or strap for easy carrying.

Although unparalleled at the time of a quick exit, many parents do not consider them ideal for longer rides because they are not as comfortable for children as the larger strollers with more positions (especially when the child takes a long nap in it). Another important point to keep an eye on is if the top closes close enough to protect your child from the sun.

If the cart fully reclines, it can even be used by newborns. Otherwise, wait until the baby takes 4 to 6 months to place it in this type of cart.

Be sure to check the manufacturer’s instruction manual for the weight limit and whether it is really a product made for smaller children or if it is only for the little ones.

Traditional Baby Carriage

Traditional baby strollers feature much more price variation, but also positions and other extras.

In general, the base of the trolleys is more solid, metal or aluminum. The wheels last longer and rotate more easily, the bar where the parents hold is more comfortable and there is more room for the baby, plus place to place objects.

There are models with larger wheels in the front or rear, and four or three wheels. Take a test drive in the store to see if it moves with ease.

To decide how much to invest, think about your long-term plans. Will the cart be used by more than one child? Is it better to buy a cheaper model now and then, if you have more children, buy another one? How much does the piece look like? Does it fit in any type of trunk?

Trolleys that recline almost entirely can be used from the newborn stage until your child is about 3 years old (or even longer, if he likes strolling cart).

Many models are sold together with the baby-comfort that serves as a car seat, usually for babies up to 9 kg, in the so-called “travel system”.

It is very convenient because baby-comfort fits the stroller. The fitting sometimes is also possible even if stroller and baby-comfort have not been bought together.

There are models that still have an old-fashioned bassinet.

There are strollers that come with trays to support bottle or cup and other accessories. At the time of purchase all this can be very seductive, but be sure to measure, above anything, the practicality of the cart for your day to day.

Remember to open and close the cart to see if it will really be easy to put it in the car and take it out and also if it will be as light as you imagine.You will have to do this a thousand times over the next few years!

3 Wheel Cart

With a lighter base, shock-absorbing structure, larger wheels (bike type) and brake, race carts allow the parent to cooperate without worrying about shaking the baby too much.

This type of trolley is suitable only for babies older than 6 months. It is very important that the safety belt is always used in races. The brake provides more control for the parent.

If it is to run with the baby, pay attention to see if the trolley is to cooper same: some models have three wheels but are not designed for running.

Only consider running with the baby if you have a reasonably smooth lane or a boardwalk to practice the exercise. The bumpy sidewalks of big cities can be very dangerous for activity.

Older models of racing carts used to be heavy and difficult to assemble and dismantle, but newer ones fold easily and are more comfortable for the baby.But the cooper trolley is much larger than a standard trolley – take that into account.

Double Cart

For those expecting twins or will have the second child with little difference from the first, the double stroller is a good option.

The great advantage is to allow a person to just go out with the babies. Families with triplets sometimes opt for a double stroller and a simple stroller.

The first decision to make is: will you want the babies to stand side by side in the cart or one in front and the other behind, like a little train?

Parents of twins tend to prefer side by side to avoid future fights over whoever goes in front. In the case of children of different ages, this type of problem is easier to manage.

An important tip is to look carefully at all the rooms and corridors of your home to make sure that if you buy a double cart side-by-side, it will pass through the doors and between your furniture (and also the door and internal space Of the elevator).

Also think about the places you frequent, such as grandparents’ houses, cousins, shops and restaurants, and the spaces where you will have to go to get to them.

As with traditional strollers, if seats recline well, strollers can be used from the time of newborns until children are 3 years old or older, depending on the model.

In the little train type cart, the front seat may be less comfortable for a child to sleep.

In any double stroller, the test put in the trunk of the car is especially important because they are usually bulky and heavy.

There are also some adapters that allow you to join two simple trolleys, turning them into doubles. The problem is that the “set” gets too wide and it can be difficult to get through doors.

Another option for older siblings is a sort of “rung” that some strollers possess, which allow the older child to get a ride on the cart. The “step” can also be sold separately and attached to a traditional stroller.

The forum for twins, triplets or more is a great source for you to clear your doubts about carts for more than one baby.

See ideas for planning your baby’s room and start getting ready to go out with your child.