Opera Present in 50 Million Desktops

It seems that the world’s best browser that almost nobody uses finally gets down. Opera Software, developer company of the same name application, announced this week that Opera was already installed on 50 million desktops worldwide. A pretty impressive number, no?

Opera has versions for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Adding all operating systems are exactly 50 million people who use the browser to access email, shop online and keep intouch with friends. The figures are for March 2010.

Additionally, Opera’s mobile version also has significant growth and now has another 50 million users. Until perhaps because Opera Mini is the best browser for smartphones, the brief experience I had with him.

“Our focus on speed, security, innovation and usability continues to cause results. We always listen to the needs and wishes of our users, and they reward us when using opera, “said jon von tetzchner, co-founder of opera software.

So to close the account: 100 million Operas installed worldwide. It is as if the entire population of Mexico, there in North America, were using the Opera.

If you use Opera, he is pleased to see that there are other 49,999,999 people using the same browser you?