Ops Bracelets Italy

Appreciated since the beginning, the bracelets OPS! I love that, with their style resembled the more famous and much more expensive bracelet with heart pendant of Tiffany & Co., have been one for the cold season of spring summer 2013 must-have, and, are back with a whole new style .The shape is not changed, the bracelets have always been characterized by a chain and a pendant with heart in silicon and metal medal but the colors and decorations have a completely different style.

The colored jewels and saucy are not only a prerogative of the summer and the new bracelets Ooops! Love of Ops Objects can show off a female and young accessory in every month of the year. ‘S autumn winter 2012 2013 , the Italian brand has chosen to focus on two new models, to polka dots and neon , in which the colors are much darker although there are delicate and pastel shades.

Among the new jewelry for men that are part of the winter collection is the bracelet OPS!Love INTERNETSAILORS. To realize this bracelet, OPS! Object was inspired by the eighties, producing a black chain, which seems almost licorice, from which hangs a pendant in a heart shape proposed in neon colors. You can choose between fuchsia, green, blue, yellow and red. If until now you thought that only Melissa we propose the rubber accesses, shoes in that case, scented Now think again: all fluorescent models scent of strawberry essence.

The most romantic girls, definitely will aim for bracelets OPS! LOVE polka dots.It is, in fact, to bracelets virtually identical to those proposed by the brand so far, except for the heart which have been recreated delicious reasons to polka dots, very fifties. You can bet between different color combinations: blue with green polka dots, red and purple, black and white, pink and teal, black and white and gray and pink.

The price of the new OPS! Love is always of 36 Euro. To discover all the new colors we should not miss our photo gallery.

Bracelets OPS! Love, the new trend colorful Spring / Summer 2012

Raise your hand if you’ve never seen the wrist of a friend or someone you know one of the many variants of bracelets OPS! Love . With the arrival of spring summer 2012 who has not succumbed to this mania will have the opportunity to be infected: the delicious line of bracelets of the OPS! Object , in fact, has been enhanced with many new colors suitable to a fresh and very spring look.

For those still unfamiliar with these lovely bracelets, it is an ironic and very funny response to the classic cuff Tiffany with heart pendant. In short, if you’re not going to spend a fortune, thanks to the OPS! Love can have a viable alternative, more affordable but equally trendy. Let’s find out this new all-Italian proposal.

Ooops! Objects is a really interesting brand whose products, design objects colorful and very lively, they are really putting everyone agrees. The brand had already conquered the wrists of women with a line of watches, the Ooops! Flat which was presented at the Milan design exhibition, the White. Then Ooops! Object has revealed a delicious capsule collection for Valentine’s Day 2012 which included two watches and a bracelet Ooops! Love, one of the exquisite bracelets that are all the rage at the wrists of fashionistas.

The Ooops! Love is the very versatile accessories, perfect for embellishing a casual outfit by day although by choosing certain shades of color, we are certain that sfoggerete them in the evening. It is bracelets made ​​of polycarbonate, glossy or matt coated rubber, with a heart silicone which is overlapped to a smaller one in steel, the same material with which the closure has been realized. The lovers of the most chic style may opt for another variation: some models Oops! Love, in fact, are made ​​with the heart and closing effect in gold.

And as for the colors? From this point of view you are spoiled for choice. Blue, pink, lilac, fuchsia, yellow, black, there’s something for all tastes and all occasions and many colors, such as green and blue, are available in different colors, and even in fluorescent version, as in the solar bracelet yellow.

The price is really affordable: 36 Euro per bracelet. In short, you will not be wearing the real Tiffany bracelet in gold but this model is really interesting and, in addition, has irony and panache that you should never miss in a accessory summer. And what do you think of O oops! Love?