Original Wall Decor Ideas

Looking for an accessory of original décor to decorate the House? Here is a template that you will certainly indifferent: a wall clock to sense the other way around. As you can see, the clock is not an ordinary model. She does everything backwards, the display of the numbers or the clockwise. A good way to attract the attention of the guests.

Original Wall Decor Ideas 1

The clock, a useful and decorative accessory

In a House, the clock is a useful accessory and a great decoration idea. It first uses this object to know the time. In contrast to a classic watch, it is much bigger and attaches to the wall.

The clock also has the distinction of bring a touch of home decoration, especially if we chose to be original. Speaking of originality of CadeauMaxi, this model in reverse looks very interesting. It adopts a form rounded with black borders.

Original Wall Decor Ideas 2

A clock that backwards links

It is designed in black and white in order to bring the purity and class to your home. The numbers which lie inside are designed so that everyone has good visibility. Check  BEAUTYPHOON.COM for how to buy a wall clock.

And the most important thing is that everything is upside here: the numbering goes from left to right, the way needles also. From now so, the pendulum binds from the left to the right.

This unusual wall clock certainly amaze your guests. It’s sure that it déconcentrera more than one.Yourself you can be lost on the first day. But it’s good to break the head from time to time!

Your neighbor has moved and he sent you an invitation to a housewarming party card? This wall clock to reverse will make a perfect present.

Original Wall Decor Ideas 3