Outfit Challenge Draped Blazer With Trendy Plus Size

What exciting looks can be a Blazer to create large sizes in the trendy draped look? With the soft Blazers by MS fashion from velvety Verlourslederimitat that has experimented plus size Blogger team by feeling for form and creates exciting looks.There’s the Blazer in two different colors: sand and light blue. Today, the two are outfit inspirations by Roxana by the plus size blog “do it curvy” and presented by the fashion designer Katja “mable”.

Plus Size Outfit By Katja

Summer or fall? Light or dark? Why actually decide? One of my favorite parts was the jeans with bright acid washing this summer. A second hand finding that fits with the right styling also super in the autumn.

If the leaves discolour in the coolest colors, it is close to choose a few key pieces from this palette. Not only this season are absolute must-have: suede parts! An original piece consists of suede – as the name suggests – leather from the game, for example by the deer. The soft surface cowhide found but also on pork or, here is the suede. A low-maintenance variant made of polyester, which is just as soft and comfortable on the skin, like their counterparts in real leather, is the lightweight jacket from MS mode. She falls forward into soft folds and caressed curves. I find them in my pears – figure super with narrow trousers, dress for example makes she very kastig me look, because it covers my waist. Since she’s worked without food, they have the super soft material directly onto the skin – wearing something short sleeves such as I -. My shirt is one of mables statement – T-Shirts, hand painted, and goes great with this sporty chic look. Rounded off I have the look with matching suede – pumps and big fake-fur handbag. I have chosen Accessories in gold to the warm tones.

Plus Size Outfit By Roxi

Today I present my outfit inspiration with the beautiful draped blazer here. When I first saw this Blazer, it was this outfit for you to style a little challenge for me, because the jacket was light blue and that’s usually not the color after I reach for first. Furthermore, it was also the first time that I thought was a piece of clothing by MS fashion in the hands.Because so far I’ve made have no experience with the Dutch brand, and so I was naturally excited about the fit and the material.

But this is precisely the beauty of these challenges, get a piece of clothing that I not even picked me and to style it with my own personal look. Combined I have the draped Blazer in MS fashion suede look with a black tulle skirt, a statement necklace and my favorite boots. Black shirt with a little more cutting still underneath and ready is the outfit. The material and the cutting have liked, but the Blazers but rather just cut. So you’d better order a number greater than.

I have been by the way a few days later in a MS fashion shop in Hamburg and looked at times the whole range of me and I must admit that MS fashion offers really nice clothes and even at a fair price.

Wem die Jacke gefällt, der sollte übrigens jetzt zu schlagen, denn momentan gibt es diesen Blazer sowohl in hellblau als auch in sand im Sale.

Plus Size Outfit With Blazer From Katja And Roxi – In English

Summer or autumn? Light or dark? Why not have both! One of my fav pieces this summer was the acid washed jeans. A second hand find which fits for an autumnal outfit with the right styling.

When the leaves turn the brightest colours outside it suggests itself to chose key pieces from the line-up. Absolute Must Have not only this season: suede pieces! Genuine suede is made from game like deer for example. The typical smooth surface can be found on a cowhide as well and is then called hunting calf. The easy to clean version made of polyester is equally soft on the skin like the light jacket by MS Mode. She is draped in the front and caresses curves. For my pear shaped body the jacket is perfectly worn with a skinny jeans, worn with a dress it is making me look very boxy because it is letting my waist disappear.Since the piece is made without a lining you can wear the super soft material direcly on the skin. I am wearing one of mables statement shirts underneath the jacket. It is handpainted and fits the sporty yet elegant outfit perfectly. Finished is the look with matching suede pumps and a big fake fur handbag. I chose gold accessories for this warm coloured outfit.

Today I’m presenting my outfit inspiration with a wonderful draped blazer from MS Mode. The blazer is indeed a challenge for me, since it is in light blue, which isn’t normally the colour I would reach to first. Furthermore it is the first time that I’m holding a piece of clothing in my hands from MS Mode. So far I haven’t any experience with the Dutch plus size brand and of course I was very curious about fit and material.

But that is exactly what I like about these challenges, getting a piece of clothing that I wouldn’t have chosen myself and styling it to my very individual look. I combined the drapped blazer in suede appearance from MS Mode with a black tulle skirt, a statement necklace and my favourite boots. A black shirt with deeper neckline on top and the outfit is complete. I really like the material and the design, but the overall fit is rather tight. So it’s better to order it a size bigger.

By the way I visited a MS Mode shop in Hamburg a few days later and had a look at the whole collection and must say that MS Mode has some really nice clothes at a reasonable pricing.

If you like the jacket than you should buy it now, as the blazer is on sale and available in the colours light blue and sand.