How to Know the Ideal Format for Your Eyebrow?

Eyebrows are the frame the eyes, give expression to the face. That is why it is so important to leave them in an ideal format, which ensures facial beauty enhancement. They must follow the drawing as natural as possible and has to be harmony with her features. Who keeps them clean and drawn without tune them, ensures a look more beautiful and expressive. Continue reading How to Know the Ideal Format for Your Eyebrow?

Maleficent for Mac!

A question: life imitating art or vice versa? Perhaps the answer is positive for both. The stories are mixed in such a way that it becomes impossible to tell where one starts or ends. Always suffer some kind of influence of the seventh art, even f fairy tales.

And the latest proof of that statement comes soon the shelves. Given the success of the film Malevolent, starring for amazing Angelina Jolie (we’ve talked about the book here), the MAC has prepared a super novelty: a special collection inspired by the movie. And the line came complete, see? Since dust, lashes, lipstick, nail polish… All the fans of the plot may embody a piece of this character, who started it seems evil, but then becomes endearing. Continue reading Maleficent for Mac!

Nails for the World Cup: 10 Inspirations

All ready to start rooting? And to enter the atmosphere of the World Cup anything goes, right? After all, the World Cup only happens every four years, i.e. all poetic license is welcome. And have you ever thought about painting your nails in tribute to our country? Some people twist the nose for fever of nail arts, but let’s not deny that many people have started posting on instagram great inspirations for the look of cheerleader stay full!

That’s why we made a selection of 10 images that promise to bring good ideas to you risk. Have suggestions for the wildest and the most discreet.Check out: Continue reading Nails for the World Cup: 10 Inspirations

15 Profiles to Inspire Brides

Is there anything hotter than planning a wedding? Spend hours searching for the perfect dress, find good ideas for decoration, try the delights of buffet … This is a unique moment and every little bride should enjoy to the fullest this time of planning.

And was thinking of helping who is married that we decided to make a short list with 15 profiles on instagram that promise to inspire you. After all, the favorite social network of the most attuned is filled with fabulous pictures, that promise to instigate the creative universe of all brides. Is to follow now! Continue reading 15 Profiles to Inspire Brides

Learn How to Prevent Accidents at Home with Pet

Posted by Dog citizen in 04/Feb/2016-

Who can resist a cuddly pet? But, having a pet at home, be it a puppy or an adult, requires great care and responsibility. Some objects should be kept out of reach of the best friend so that no problems arise for you and for the pet as well. Continue reading Learn How to Prevent Accidents at Home with Pet

Travel with Pet: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Dog citizen in 06/Feb/2016-

By Malu Araújo, behavioral consultant and team Dressage Rider Dog citizen.

Will travel for the holidays and your pet will follow? Prepare before and have a quiet walk. Just as it is necessary to do a review on the car, make an appointment with the vet: check the condition of your pet’s health and play a clean bill of health. This document is valid for a period of three days, and the anti-rabic vaccine must be applied with at least 30 days in advance of date of trip. Continue reading Travel with Pet: Everything You Need to Know

Leaving the Dog Alone at Home

Posted by Dog citizen in 09/Feb/2016-

By Malu Aguilar, student and behavioral consultant of Citizen Dog.

With a busy life full of appointments, the owners get a bad conscience to leave the dog alone at home.

But it’s not because the dog be alone, that the situation needs to be boring. To entertain you, use and abuse of environmental enrichment. Let the environment more interesting for the pet and activities offer toys that he can use without the presence of the owners. Continue reading Leaving the Dog Alone at Home

The Sketches of the Minas Trend

The  Minas Trend officially started yesterday. And already in the first day of the event, the business lounge received many buyers and the catwalk was the scene for eight parades, which presented brands mining bets for the 2015 winter.

While we don’t publish here photos of parades, how about checking out the sketch and know a little bit about the new collections? Check out: Continue reading The Sketches of the Minas Trend

Bites: Joke or Sign of Concern?

Posted by Dog Citizen on 15/Feb/2016-

Anyone who is or ever has been owner of a puppy knows that small love bite everything they see ahead: feet, hands, ankles, furnitures, slippers and so on.

Many times, they may even hurt the “victims” of these bites, didn’t realize that. This behavior by many interpreted as a joke, can become a problem when the puppy goes to adult life and continues to do so. Continue reading Bites: Joke or Sign of Concern?