Panasonic CM1 Test: No Smartphone Take Beautiful Photos

The Panasonic CM1 depends on raising the bar for Smartphone cameras a good bit more. Since iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 must still very long do themselves, like our test of “smart camera” shows.

With the CM1, Panasonic sold a Smartphone in Germany, which this time due to his camera stands out from other smartphones after the 2013 set Eluga again. Where Panasonic itself never distributes the CM1 as a Smartphone, but promotes the first smart camera in the world. Compared with older cameras using Android as an operating system, the CM1 goes through but in my eyes as a Smartphone.

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Huge Image Sensor And Leica Lens

Panasonic, succeeded to shrink a high-quality compact camera and stuck in the CM1. An a-inch MOS image sensor, which Fläche is about seven times as much as conventional Smartphone sensors with a resolution of 20.1 Megapixels and the Venus Engine, which takes care of processing the recordings in other cameras of the manufacturer, place found in the Smartphone.

The lens comes from Leica and has a luminous intensity of f2. 8 and a fixed lens with 10.2 millimetres. Depending on what image format do you choose, a different conversion in the small picture format that each arises. It is in a 3:2-format 28 mm for the 4:3-format 31 mm and 30 mm in 16:9-format and even 43 mm for 4K-Videoaufnahmen. At this point, correct cameras have yet a clear advantage and draw with bigger lenses, which let more light through, and zoom lenses.

About the Quick Start button, you have direct access to the camera and bypasses even the home screen – if it is not backed up by a code or password. As soon as the CM1, hardly any other Smartphone camera is ready for use. The trigger for the images has two clear pressure points and helps me use the auto focus, and also ensures that the shots blurred less than at the tap of the touch screen to a photo – shoot what you could do with the CM1, but don’t want to.

Panasonic CM1 Test No Smartphone Take Beautiful Photos-2

The image quality of the CM1 is unique for a Smartphone and considerably exceed also the Galaxy 6 and iPhone 6. The shots are very sharp and have a very high attention to detail. The colors look natural, and even with low light the image sensor copes well – thanks to the sensitivity adjustable up to ISO 12800. However a clear picture noise is then. Anyone who wants to can, his photos in RAW record and later develop.

An App Like From A Camera

Panasonic equips the CM1 with an extensive camera app that has all the important settings and features of a compact camera. So a total of nine different recording programs to choose, in which her sets many different settings yourself or leave the camera up to by an intelligent automatic to manual exposure. So you determined among other things about the picture styles, image size, recording quality, drive mode, the measuring method, focus – and the AF mode or turns on the GPS location or HDR mode.

Despite the extensive options to quickly understands what settings adapt where the app can. When shooting, you find yourself right in the surface and quickly reaches the desired options.

In addition to the camera app Panasonic only four more applications, as well as the Google given programs installed on the CM1 at the factory. And these four apps are quite reasonable for the camera smartphone: timelapse customize, as the name suggests, time lapse recording, 4 K makes screenshots with eight megapixels from 4K-Videos photo and 4 K provides pre-burst approximately 44 pictures from the 1.5 seconds before and after pressing the shutter button. Then, it selects the best photo. This however the camera is active all the time and gets hot with the time and automatically turns off at too high a temperature. The photo search shows you photos from the Panoramio portal on Google maps. For manipulation of images, you must install an app and besides Instagram enough programs available with Pixlr, VSCO, Snapseed and some other applications for this purpose.

What I lack in terms of software with the CM1 is an update on Android lollipop that the manufacturer but announced for may. So far, the Panasonic Smartphone with Android 4.4.4 running Kit Kat, what still not completely obsolete, but also no longer is on the amount of time.

So much features come at a price: In comparison with other smartphones, the Panasonic CM1 with a weight of just over 200 grams is a real heavyweight what you can feel even when wearing in your pocket. Also the case with the protruding lens is 2.1 centimeters-thick – thin are three stacked together iPhone 6. One has the feeling of having a small block in the hand, although but nevertheless can use the CM1 even as Smartphone. The faux leather cover on the front gives the look of a retro camera smartphone with the metal edges – but is a matter of taste and would be my first choice if I choose a Smartphone.

Good Performance, But Not High End

When I the Panasonic CM1 at Photokina in September 2014 first hand had, the Smartphone convinced me not only with his impressive-sounding camera, but also with a hardware equipment on amount of time. However, a three-quarter year has passed since then and a Snapdragon 801 with four computing cores and a clock speed of 2.3 GHz no longer belongs to the first guard. There are Snapdragon 810 of Qualcomm and the Exynos 7420 by Samsung.

Yet with the chip and two gigabytes of memory over 41,000 points in the Antutu benchmark to reach the CM1 and moves to the flagship models by 2014 as the LG G3, the Sony Xperia Z3 or the Samsung Galaxy S5. The user interface runs smoothly, the camera starts quickly and expeditiously processed the shots – only for raw images, you must wait a moment until the large amounts of data are stored off – and games like asphalt 8 have gamble are also at highest graphic quality without restriction.

16 gigabytes are for the internal memory in view of the fact that the Panasonic CM1 can take RAW photos and 4K-Videos, are not particularly lush – especially since there already about five gigabytes of system files and preinstalled apps. You can the storage capacity of the smart camera increase but to up to 128 gigabytes with a microSD card.

More Camera Than Smartphone

The image quality of the Panasonic CM1 has its price. A non-binding price recommendation from 899 euro ranks the Panasonic CM1 in a League with the iPhone 6 and Android-top models. For the many money – so far all Dealers abide by the price target of the manufacturer – you can get a compromise of a high-quality camera and a good Smartphone.

For the price of the CM1, you would get a high-quality camera with 1-inch sensor and a flagship smartphone from last year. However you yet again not always had this then the good camera. On the truism that the best camera is the one that it has, still, what is truth? The investment in the smart camera from Panasonic worth especially if the image quality of the photos is more important to you than a compact body of smartphones – which does not mean that the CM1 as a Smartphone would be disabled. It moves on a level with the flagship models by 2014 – and you do not belong Yes still long for the old iron.