Pearl: The Queen Of Gems

You Already Know That The Romanticism, Refinement, Elegance, Wealth And Power Are Ideas Linked To Pearls In Different Civilizations. In Addition To Glamour, Pearls Mark Rites Of Passage. Here In Brazil, As In Many Countries, It Is A Tradition To Present The Girls Celebrate Their Fifteen Years, Because That’s When Debutam To The Society. Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis, One Of The Great Personalities Of The 20th Century Andwho Was Internationally Known For Your Unique Elegance, I Would Love To Use The Famous Paste Of Three Laps And A Pair Of Earrings, Both Of Pearls. In 1969, Elizabethtaylor Richard Burton Gift Won The Famed La Peregrina Pearl, Probably The Best Known Of All. Since It Was Found In 1500, This Pearl In The Shape Of A PEAR, I Was Going Through Several Assemblies And By Several Owners, Until It Came Into The Hands Of Elizabeth Taylor, Who Was Hanging On The Forehead.

The Queen of gems, as it is known, originates from a living organism. The pearls sold to the jewelry stores are cultivated by man in two distinct environments: saltwater and freshwater. But how are grown? Before explaining this process, THEMEPARKTOUR is to classify pearls in natural and cultivated.

Natural Pearl

Formed in a natural environment, such as on the sea or on the River, when a shell fragment, rock or a grain of sand accidentally invades the mollusk’s body, positioning itself between the shell and the robe (soft tissue that is inside of the shell).

Cultured Pearl

In this case the man is responsible for the initiation of the proceeding, he manually entering the grain of sand inside the clam, which will give rise to Pearl. The Pearl cultivation process begins by introducing an irritant inside the clam and after about three years a Pearl is formed. During this period the oyster will form layers of nacre (substance secreted by the mantle, rich in calcium and water) around this irritantto protect itself, overlapping on each other, resulting in Pearl, in the form we know. The layers of nacre tend to maintain the shape of the nucleus inserted inside the clam; soon, pearls that have a more spherical format are rarer and have greater commercial value. This process is quite delicate and needs to be done by trained and experienced people, otherwise, all the investment may be lost. As a cultured pearl is as natural as a Pearl original, this production method was called by the Mikimoto Pearl naturally cultivated Japanese.

When we go in search of a jewel with Pearl, notice the small details. So there are factors that will evaluate and determine the value of each.

Image merely illustrative.

Image merely illustrative.

Pearl features


We love large pearls, isn’t it? So, the larger the Pearl the more valuable it is. South Sea pearls, called South Sea, can get up to 15 mm in diameter.


Can be round or Baroque (“irregular”); but the more spherical, more valuable.


The black and white color make up the three color groups. The nature, the qualityof the water, the temperature and the animal food determine the colors that form.

Surface quality

Is the condition that is the surface that we see. The more perfect, no marks, irregularities or stains the Pearl you have, the greater your value.


Most pearls have a beautiful shine of rainbows. The intensity of this glare reflectedfrom the surface will measure the value of a Pearl.

Nacre thickness

How much thicker is the layer of nacre, the more valuable the Pearl will be. This factor is related to the time of each pearl cultivation.

Another important condition for valuing a Pearl is the set; that is, visual harmony that makes up the jewel. The more similar they are, the more valuable it will be.

Care and cleaning

For a piece of jewelry with pearls lasts a long time, it is important to take special care. They are very delicate and sensitive and therefore must be stored separately from other jewels. Never use acids, detergents, shampoo or cleaners to clean themand also avoid contact with perfumes, makeup, creams and hair fixatives and it is not for nothing. The calcium that is composed of Pearl falls apart easily in touch with other minerals and chemical compounds. Always after using just pass a soft flannel moistened with filtered water to conserve brightness and to remove the residue of sweat from the skin of creams and makeup.

Now just use! Stay beautiful, elegant and chic with this gem being classical, can combine with any style or look.

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