Perfect Nails: How To Choose The Perfect Manicure For Your Wedding

Hello, future brides:

As you surely already know, a bride should take care of their appearance from head to toe.Maybe that makeup and hairstyle are the most obvious, but nails (hands and feet) also have a great deal of importance on the bridal look.

In fact, although they do not create it, your nails as described in makeup skills will play a very important role on your wedding day. Do not forget that the guests will take their hands to admire her engagement ring and marriage, or that your hands will be the protagonists of more than one picture- never lack the pose in which you hold the bouquet-.

So, why not have them in perfect condition on this important day? I share some tips to make your Bridal manicure take a ten:


It sounds obvious, but it is not more say it: a few days before wedding, get an appointment at a salon to make you a professional manicure. No paint your nails at home! This day requires a special treatment for the hands. Make sure that remove you the pellejitos, exfoliated them and hydrate.


The trend in Bridal nail is take them short. Long nails Rihanna style are a fashion of the century passed, so please: refrain from using them as well!


Also, I recommend that they ask for they limen square. Pointy fingernails were well a couple of years, but today look fashion passes.

Long round nails were trend a few years ago, but today are old fashioned. Avoid them!


Bridal style par excellence was the French (as you know, with a color nude and a subtle white band on the tip). However, today there are many alternatives to this manicure that look just as beautiful and elegant. You can choose between a tone nudetranslucent, pink, coral, cake, wine, gold, silver… Don’t forget to match the tones of your bouquet, dress, ladies and your shoes. Look at some ideas of colors here.

To choose the color of your nails, also can consider factors such as the time of the wedding and the station. If they are to marry day, forget about using dark colors. On the contrary, if the wedding will be at night, they have a much wider color palette. If they will marry in spring and summer they have the choice between bright, vivid tones and pastels; If your wedding will be in autumn and winter, you can draft by dark, such as wine or Marsala, or serious and metallic tones.

Natural Or Fake Nails?

The trend is undoubtedly show off your own nails. But if they don’t like them for nothing, it is allowed to put nails, as long as they are short and square!


Finally, don’t forget that manicure should be accompanied by a pedicure that match the color of your hands.

I hope have helped! If you have any questions about beauty, please do not hesitate to consult my blog.