Philips In.Sight Wireless Home Monitor & Surveillance Camera

The camera Philips InSight is presented in a box that is reminiscent of the packaging devices dedicated to Apple mobile devices. And indeed there is a visible indication that this unit is dedicated to iPhone and iPad. And yet it works perfectly on Android.

Here is the product test on Philips InSight done by Opening the box reveals the presence of a USB / micro USB 2.5 m in length, its AC adapter, a quick start booklet, the usual warranty booklet, of a wall mounting bracket (screws included) and the Philips camera. The InSight is surprisingly compact with its 9.5 cm dimensions on a base of 4.5 cm, it fits in the palm of the hand and takes a triangular section.The Glossy finish is of good quality. It is based on a magnetic base. It will be possible to fix on any metal support, convenient to optimize its investment. The magnetically -also included stand makes it easy to move from a static position at a mobile position.

Technically, Philips InSight is a wireless camera (not the food of course) operating in wifi and to be connected to a smartphone or tablet. She has no button, found only in the back a hole “Reset” to return to the original state, and front VGA sensor with fixed focus, microphone and a light configuration witness . We appreciate this simplification, but an Ethernet jack may be useful in case of failure WiFi.

Getting started is pretty simple. We begin by installing the Philips Insight application available on AppStore and Google Play. You then plug the Philips camera from the mains you launch the application. After creating an account, you wait for the light displays a flashing amber signal and approaching the camera about 15 cm of a QR code (video below) displayed on your smartphone or tablet. All right, your camera is recognized, it’ll just give it a name and start monitoring.

The size of this unit let fear a very choppy and poorly defined picture, and it was a good surprise by launching the Philips InSight. Certainly there is a lag of several seconds between an action and its display on the screen but the result is fluid (for an IP camera) and the image is more clear, much more than expected. In this area it surpasses the Withings Smart Body Analyser tested it a few times. Philips camera offers a lot of possibilities. The course monitoring, it can thus be used as your home surveillance camera or as baby monitor to keep an eye on your infant. But it also offers photo taking, especially video recording with storage on your Dropbox account, online storage service ( cloud ). This can be very helpful to present evidence to the police in case of intrusion. If you do not have Dropbox account, know that you can create one for free, with 2 GB of available storage space. In addition, the service becomes chargeable.

You can access the remote monitoring from the browser on your computer Mac or PC. InSight Up to 16 cameras can be connected simultaneously, and you can set up phone alerts when noise detection or motion. Note finally that the network is protected by a secure encryption to protect your privacy. The application interface is simplicity, installation and management are really accessible to all, which is not always the case in the world of IP cameras. Just regret that surveillance smartphone is limited to 5 minutes per session in free version. Philips InSight also tends to heat up after a few tens of minutes of use.

Very positive for this camera Philips  InSight, both for its ease of use for its manufacture and its efficacy. Unobtrusive, ergonomic and offering made more than satisfactory, we did not expect this little camera in such a feast. Recommended.