Plastic Backing on Earrings

What’s with this little plastic piece on the back?

Actually can piece of jewelry, ear piercing, plug-there but not much go wrong?Oh, Yes, now proves a Twitter post, which is currently really viral. The big question: do off plastic piece on be or?

43,000 shares, 42,000 likes: Which post currently on Twitter the mass moves?A photo to see: A pair of earrings, once with a plastic plug, once

without. To comment: “after nineteen years life time I understand only now, that one theplastic piece of the plug to get”.

But what is here? You surely know this small transparent Plastiknups is on the connector of the earring? We always thought the plug of some earrings was just produced, have therefore also always urge let the plastic piece. As a little extra support for the earlobe. But EXTRAREFERENCE, the extra earrings to make up apparently… or?

After my nineteen years of living i have now realized that you are supposed to take the plastic part off Our site.

-Chelsea Smith (@Chelsea__Smithh) August 1, 2015

The comments in this post? Joyously jubilantly, completely enthusiastic – and of course full of irony:

@Chelsea__Smithh @vinylxtommo you mean i’ve been living a lie all this time

-r (@birdsnteas) 2nd August 2015

But not everyone seems convinced by this revelation:

@Chelsea__Smithh NO! The plastic piece helps distribute weight on heavy earrings and makes it more comfortable. Promise!

-Jo Anne Smoot º o º (@joannesmoot) 2nd August 2015

What’s wrong now? Get off or on leave? And what is the name of the thing? At Amazon, the plugs are sold with plastic piece as “Ear plugs with plastic pad”.The about crucial question is to be found the answer on the net. According to jewelry expert Carly Wickell by about style of “pad” serves a purpose namely very well:

“Standard plug is enough for small, lightweight studs, but heavy earrings (like chandeliers) may uncomfortable stress on the earlobe and pull. Over time these earrings complain the ear so that widens the pierced body, a narrow, vertical slit is created instead of the knowledge.

Stabilizing studs hold the earring in place and hide sagging earlobes. “And most importantly: to protect the ear, so that it does not.”

Right at the end so both: small ear plug the plastic pads do not need heavy jewelry pieces better on release. Yay, a little smarter.