Pleasure to Decorate A Whole House

Lotta is amused by the decor and enjoyed to the fullest when she was decorating an entire house. Most fun of all, it was to decorate the kitchen and bathrooms where the possibilities were many.

The living room Photo: Marléne Eskilsson

In Germany it is common that brings the kitchen when moving from one accommodation to another. Lotta and Jurgen had bought a nice new kitchen to the apartment three years ago and decided to bring the kitchen to the new house.
The old kitchen was not as big, so we had to buy a part, says Lotta.

Thus, many opportunities given, but Lotta could plan out the kitchen island as she had always wished for, which in addition cooktop is also a steam boiler and cupboards. Storage was something that Lotta and Jurgen wanted much.

The countertop had also become new. They chose a resistant variant of composite materials.
We are not satisfied with the dealer of the kitchen, he was both inflexible and generally unpleasant, says Lotta.
The dealer did not become happier when he had to deliver large parts of the countertop twice. Countertop first had a wrong piercing when it was delivered. Kitchen manufacturer tried to get them to accept that he patched and mended, but it was not on. Then went part of the disc break when the dealer’s technicians would set it up and then got the part also comes again.

But eventually became countertop good. There is an under glued sink that is located at the large window section. To have views of the lake while standing in the kitchen is not so stupid.

The bathrooms can not bring himself even in Germany, so there was a bit more choice for Lotta when it was time to plan the interior. Inspiration she fetched by browsing lots of magazines and visit the various exhibitions.

They have a half bath downstairs and two baths upstairs, one for children and one for adults.
Though it is most Jürgen who use children’s bathroom right now, says Lotta. Probably he thinks it is the most peaceful and quiet there.

In addition there is a toilet, shower and sauna out in the guest house. At the time of this interview, the sauna was just completed and inaugurated.A very nice sauna receiving atmosphere of the round window. On the floor of the sauna and the adjacent shower area is tumbled, broken marble.

Lotta love interior design and she had to choose one place that was the most fun to decorate it may become large bathroom.

It was fun to decorate the bathroom because it is so big and there were so many opportunities, says Lotta.
In the middle of the large bathroom is a bathtub in the corner is also a shower. There are plenty of windows and a way out to the balcony outside. When lying in the bath, one can gaze out over the lake.

I wanted to create a sense of calm in this bathroom, a relaxation room with earthy colors, yet light and airy, says Lotta.
China comes from Duravit and designed by Philippe Stack. The mixers are from Hans Grohe, Axor series.
On the balcony outside the Jürgen compiled a rowing machine. If and when he has time he will sit and rest and enjoy the view.

If the parents’ suite is designed for relaxation, this is the game that you think of when you see the children’s charming bathroom. Here there is a toilet, shower and sink. Walls and floors are belagada with blue mosaic in different shades.

A little unusual detail in the bathroom downstairs is the urinal. Is it common in Germany?
Not exactly, says Lotta, laughing. Jürgen has always wanted a urinal at home, he is tall and does not like to sit. He likes nor when I nag about him to sit down, she continues.-So he thought that now that there are three men in the family, it may be worthwhile to install a urinal in one of the toilets.

Although it was the most fun to decorate the bathrooms, it is still ekgolven the detail of the decor Lotta is most pleased with. The floors look like ekplank, but there is parquet. It is one and the same floor everywhere, but it is varied in various ways. Downstairs are the planks treated with oil and wax for sustainable sake. In the children’s room is white oiled planks, while the brown wall in the guest house. It is the same floors everywhere except the bathroom and hallway where there is tiled.

Germany has not the option to leave the children in kindergarten until they are three years. Perhaps Lotta therefore had more time to decorate the house now that she is on maternity leave with little Emil, than she had if she worked.

it is important for you to take your time, think about and look at different options when planning your houses.

I also feel more satisfied where we have chosen not to skimp, but have chosen some better products, but it is perhaps not so surprising.