Plus Size Fashion Trends 2016

Hello, ladies!

Today I will talk about plus size fashion trends for summer 2016. I have noted carefully, not only the market forplus size clothes, fashion, but the market as a whole, to understand what is coming up. In addition to analysing the main plus size fashion blogs, I saw a lot in the Plus Size Fashion Weekend, which took place in São Paulo, in last September.

FW Plus Size is in its tenth edition and already is considered the biggest event of chubby clothing from Brazil. I should like to highlight the good work of the entrepreneur, journalist and consultant Renata Puskas Vaz, who also signs the Doozy Blog. Organize an event of this size with all the difficulties of sponsorship, infrastructure, logistics and bureaucracy, among others, and still have to break through the barriers of aesthetic bias connected to the world of fashion is really a job for a woman. Congratulations, Renata!

The colors of the Plus Size fashion 2016

Guys, the yellow and the Orange will be used not only in plus size fashion, but in fashion, as a whole. Are two colors bright and hot, which, no doubt, are super summer.

The brand Xica Vain (I like a lot!) presented a very vibrant parade and with strong colors in the FW Plus Size. The brand worked well the combination of yellow and orange in some parts. Have a beautiful dress, yellow/orange, with an elastic below the breast, which appears at the beginning of the parade. All good!

Of course it is not necessary to use the combination of yellow/orange colors together. They also appear alone, in its various shades. Use them also combining with other colors, preferably with neutral tones, like black or nude, for example.

Now, a personal tip: amarelho with Brown, my chubby’s, always looks great! It is a combination that I use a lot, especially to accompany the look!

Blue has also been strong for summer 2016, primarily, in two shades: the azul-caneta or azul-bic, as we call it here in Rio de Janeiro, the market is calling a Dazzling Blue (you know, nothing like an English word to say they invented a new color that we already knew). And the Placid Blue, which is light blue, inspired by the blue of the sky, which broadcasts quiet and calm, in contrast to the Dazzling Blue.

Even in the face of the trend of strong colors for summer, the soft colors (candy colors) also will mark the presence at the next station. With the plus size fashion market will be no different. Female, sweet and superelegantes, the candy colors bring color nicely. Showing the lightness of the lighter shades, are known also as pastels, in pink, green, yellow variation, salmon, etc.

Missed talking about our little black dress, which never open hand in our plus size fashion. Because even for next summer’s season, I could see that shows the FW Plus Size, some brands, such as Maison Zank, who works with a more social style, invested in the black, with great elegance and good taste.

Take it easy! Sure, you already have these colors in the fabulous world of your wardrobe. So, you don’t have to throw everything out and rush out to the Mall or to the handicraft market itapava (that of itaipava, even now, it’s just beer!). Check with easy what you already have, acquire some new play to compose the look and welcome the summer 2016.

Plus Size fashion prints 2016

The floral prints and geometric abstract designs and overlapping will be in shop Windows and on the streets in summer 2016. Print merged with these elements brings vitality and originality to the pieces, which can be used to compose looks for day and for night.

The Charlotte River, which, from what I understand, it was the only brand of Rio de Janeiro in FW Plus Size (I may be talking nonsense, OK?), it worked fine the floral combination with geometric shapes in his prints. I’m not going to lie to you, in a first moment, I didn’t think it would be very nice to join sheets with lozenges, for example. But, thankfully, the Charlotte River debunked my idea.

It’s great to see a designer from Rio de Janeiro in plus size fashion market so beautiful, professional and with the locals. That’s right, Charlotte! I took a look at the store’s website, the clothes are beautiful and are not cheap.But, if you have a little money to dress well or need an outfit to rock in an event, go without fear!

Another trend that’s going to come strong on plus size fashion is undoubtedly the Tropicalismo, with prints of flowers and large leaves, Palm trees, fruit, to create a look cheerful and full of style. Girls, is the face of summer in Rio de Janeiro. Check it out!

The ethnic prints, those which refer to images, rustic and tribal craft, still appear heavily next summer. But, this time, the images are closing more of the cultures of the Americas, such as the Incas, and Aztecs, instead of African cultures. It’s a charm! If you still have some fear of using the ethnic, start with the black and white print, which is a scatter symbol. Will match almost any color. The pattern can be used in skirts, shorts, pants, blouses, dress and accessories. Just be careful not to sin by excess. When in doubt, less is more.

I saw very little with striped print. We don’t need to be stuck to the classic black and white. Can we dare in stripes. The station calls for strong colors. As we know, horizontal stripes make you fat, especially in the hips. The vertical stripes and diagonals help to refine the silhouette. Stripes are perfect to do mix with other patterns as if they were a neutral and combine perfectly with polka dots, flowers, etc. Choose stripes and another pattern in the same look and storm!

And the prints of a bug?! Folks, I particularly, I can’t take it anymore, okay? I saw very little in my research, although some fashion editorials, including plus size fashion, report that they would continue. Noticed, Yes, many accessories with animal print (that are super charming!).

Now, if you have a pair of Jaguar that, when put with a super high heels, let the men blown away and the skinny envious of your hip, my love, bulufas pro market! The most important thing is to feel good and beautiful!

Plus Size fashion 2016 parts

Some pieces will come hard on plus size fashion for summer 2016. The monkeys and the overalls, transparencies and kimonos are the must of the hottest of the year season.

People, you can bet the little monkeys (love it!) and in overalls. These, in fact, I had never used. I wasn’t, because I ran into a store, paid a fair price (around R$ 80.00) and acquire a stamped, linda. Was a charm!

Then you ask me: what is the difference between the monkey and the gardener? The little monkeys cover the entire upper torso, regardless of model neckline, armhole or sleeve. Already the Overalls have a cummerbund with sash. Simple as that.

To buy monkeys, prefer pieces that offer comfort, with wide legs, a good length, with part of the trunk more loose not to mark our personal love handles.

With the overalls, should also look for pieces with the bottom and long record. However, they wear a waist high.You can put a high-waisted underwear, or a strap. Not to mention that under the gardener’s a t-shirt or a tank top.

Are ideal for take a walk in the late afternoon on the Boardwalk to the beach, go to the park with the kids (remember? Are super comfortable!), a poolside barbecue, a wedding party of day, which calls for a less formal attire, a ballad on the night, anyway, plus size fashion practices, versatile, beautiful, elegant. Combining with the right accessories, you are going to kick ass!

The transparencies will mark presence in summer 2016. Beautiful and sensual, trendy plus size appear in cutouts, which positioned in the right place and with common sense can bring a modern and sexy look. In dresses and in sweaters, for example, can come on top, both in front and in back. Therefore, use transparencies without fear!

Oh yes, I almost forgot. Some of us, girls plus size, do not like to leave the bra strap showing up under the transparency. Girls, respecting the style of all, and that Word, respect, is one of the first in my vocabulary, I don’t see a problem with letting the handle. You must have common sense, of course. A new BRA, with a beautiful handle, with a color that matches the piece, a sleeve crafted can, contrary to popular belief, contributing even more to the look. A strapless, depending on the size of the bust, can be a good option. Feel free!

Good, and the kimono? I bought two (rs): a white lace (65.00 R$ in a market here in downtown Rio) to match and stamped parts with floral prints, well summer, to go with more neutral pieces underneath (this was a little more expensive, R$ 75.00, a store in downtown Rio, too). The kimono can be silk, mesh, cotton and tissues, fluids can be long or short and have fringes.

Girls kimono goes with everything: look good with a dress, a blouse and a short, long skirt, helps to elongate the silhouette over pants. It’s super versatile, a Joker in the wardrobe. And for girls who don’t like to leave the arm appear, is a great alternative.

I loved my kimonos! I’m always using.

Girls with these plus size fashion tips you will stay current mega this summer. Will be beautiful! I’m the face of the summer, and you?