Plus Size Vest and Ankle Boot for Big Legs

Look at that right now I received an email from a reader asking if kept cool by the vest for chubby and yesterday I photographed a look with this beautiful, clear by fake (it is 100% polyester, after all, we live in Brazil and I don’t need to mistreat animals to warm up, huh?! A wool sock and a pair of gloves solve …). Is “illustrative purposes only”, to make the look more cool – I like, excuse me? Hua hua hua – but it helps and to warm up the back.

Well, I said yesterday that I’m in a phase of big size vest, because I think it’s a great trick to break the horizontality of the body and the vertical lines (the BC open in front) help to elongate the torso.

Plus Size Vest and Ankle Boot for Big Legs

Another cool thing about this look is the ankle boot for big legs, that does not help to tune anything, but look stylish and warm your feet.

Check out the look with by vest for chubby and ankle boot for big legs:

Needless to say, the joy it gives me to know they have plus size shops investing in modern pieces that are up with large numerals. Seriously, it’s so awesome! I was mega happy with this vest, because I was looking for a fake hair for years and never found one that fit me.


Buy vest for chubby > Innovate (no plus size store, but it sells in hoticle shoe)

> Shirt Leader (that of Rio de Janeiro, you know? Has a plus size line.)

Pants > Flaminga

Boot > Bottero (but is very very old lady)

Bag > C & A

Rings and necklace and sunglasses > 25 March


Good Cougar for today is this! Enjoyed?